The return of the live Nativity scene, concerts and markets: in San Severino “the Magic of Christmas” – Picchio News

Events San Severino Marche Shopping, rides, concerts, conventions, live music and performances, tastings, bingo, dance nights, workshops and finally the grand return of the live manger. The town of San Severino Marche is getting ready to live the holidays in the name of fun but also tradition with “The Magic of Christmas”, a rich calendar … Read more

Valencia: a city to live and enjoy

The Spanish city told itself, as part of the project “Spain for women”, with a four-handed dinner at Mazzucchelli House, a restaurant on the outskirts of Bologna. Visitor Maria Jose Martinez its owner Lienzo Restaurant in Valencia who delighted the attendees with the dishes they prepared together with the chef of the house, Aurora Mazzucchelli … Read more

Airbnb launches new accommodation categories

23/11/2022 – The innovation he introduced Airbnbthe new search function based on Categories, which with the Winter 2022 edition enriched by 6 new accommodation types to enable more and more people to experience unique stays. These are the new categories:Overjoyedto stay in houses that are over 3,000 meters above sea level with breathtaking views.Hanokto fully … Read more

Airbnb: 6 new categories on the platform

Airbnb 2022 Winter Release: 6 new accommodation categories available on the platform. New, Top of the World, Trending, Accessible Spaces, Spaces to Play and Hanok. Here are the 6 new types of accommodations available on Airbnb. largeo last May Airbnb introduced a new search function based on Categories, which with Winter 2022 edition enriched by … Read more

Calendar of the most beautiful Christmas markets 2022 guide to the best in Italy

Yes approaching Christmas and shopping in Italy set to become the most sought-after destination for holidaymakers or simply curious, passionate about lights, colours, scents, decorations, in perfect festive Christmas style. Over the years, the markets have become very popular and frequented to the point where travel agencies offer special tours to visit the best ones. … Read more

The first season of CineTeatro Maffei opens in Turin, between Cineforum, Hitchcock and Open Mic

After the beautiful days of the opening and reopening, the first real season of the reborn CineTeatro Maffei in Turin begins. The programming will take place in three lines: the film review at Cineaffei, curated by Carlo Griseri, the appointment with Open Mic and finally the soundtrack of Hitchcock’s Blackmail. CINEMAFFEI It’s called Cinemaffei and … Read more

today the province has so much to say”

Outside is the courtyard of the renovated church Saint Augustinethe inside the former carpentry next to the monastery; historic parts of the city that have seen a lot over the centuries – the conversion of the former into a military hospital and the latter’s barracks, to name a few – the latter, in chronological order, … Read more

all the horrors of Wagner, the Russian brigade of death

There are dozens of soldiers being brutally “purged” in Prigozhin’s private army, which has recruited 30,000 mercenaries from among the worst inmates in the prison “to compete with Defense Minister Shoigu” and impress his friend Putin. Few survive. The testimony of their family members. Turn on notifications to receive updates At least 40 Russian convicts … Read more

Rome, la Rinascente by Franco Albini and Franca Helg shines again thanks to the 2050+ renewal

“The twenty-fifth issue of Cronache announces to the friends of La Rinascente an important event in the life of the company: the opening of the new large branch in Rome in Piazza Fiume.” It was 1961 onwards Chronicles Rinascente Upim, year XVthe big news was published. The new opening continued the commercial operation that began … Read more