Rome, la Rinascente by Franco Albini and Franca Helg shines again thanks to the 2050+ renewal

“The twenty-fifth issue of Cronache announces to the friends of La Rinascente an important event in the life of the company: the opening of the new large branch in Rome in Piazza Fiume.” It was 1961 onwards Chronicles Rinascente Upim, year XVthe big news was published. The new opening continued the commercial operation that began … Read more

Sala Scicluna reopens in Turin, 2022-23 program

The new 2022/23 season of Sala Scicluna, the unique location at via Martorelli 78, starts from Sunday 25 September. In an inner courtyard of the Barriera di Milano, artistic inspiration is renewed, a mixture of familiarity and surprise, which recalls itself faithful and new artists and spectators. Fluctuating between performing languages ​​and skills of different … Read more

The demolition of the Mosso school in Chieri began to create PARcoTessileCHIerese

Work began on Monday 19 September to renovate the area occupied by the former “Angelo Mosso” school building in via Tana, Chieri. The school complex, which has been in a state of abandonment and decay for years, will be demolished and in its place will be built the “PATCH-PARcoTessileCHIerese”, a green space of 10 thousand … Read more

Something from the collective Aki T. Weisshause wins the ninth Underground Cinefest of Torino

Yesterday, Wednesday October 5, at the CineTeatro Baretti in Turin, the award ceremony of the ninth Underground Cinefest of Torino, proposed by the Cultural Association SystemOut and ArtInMovimento Popular University and directed by the director Mauro Russo Rouge, concluded. The evening announced the TUC 2022 winners. The feature film jury, chaired by the Danish director … Read more

Mapei Group invests in Germany

14/11/2022 – Mapei continues to invest and consolidate its position in Germany through its subsidiary Sopro Bauchemie, a leader in the production of construction chemicals in Germany, which is currently also present in Poland, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The major investment includes the construction of the new headquarters in Mainz-Kastel, in the Wiesbaden … Read more