The restructuring plan is subject to approval

Legislative Decree 83/2022 on preventive restructuring, discharge and discount frameworks and measures to increase the effectiveness of restructuring, insolvency and discharge procedures, published in the Official Gazette (general series no. 152 of 01.07.2022), came into force substantial amendment of the Crisis and Insolvency Code in accordance with Legislative Decree 14/2019, which entered into force on … Read more

Farmabusiness, 16 back in court. There is also Tallinn (NAMES)

July 28, 2022July 28, 2022 by Gabriella Passariello- Return to the professional bench, including lawyers and accountants, partners and associates of the “Ndrangheta dei Grande Aracri di Cutro” and a former politician, involved in the investigation of the Dda of Catanzaro, codenamed Farmabusiness that shook the palaces of power, revealing the more nefarious entanglement between … Read more

State police: operation in Taranto against Nigerian crime. Handcuffs 23 people

TARANTO. The Taranto State Police, under the coordination of the Lecce District Anti-Mafia Directorate (DDA) and the Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Taranto, have carried out preventive detention in prison against Nigerians, held responsible, in various titles, detention for the purpose of trafficking drugs, facilitating prostitution and money laundering. State Police Operation Against Nigerian … Read more

Province of Cozensa, the President’s government program was approved

COSENZA – The Provincial Council took place this morning in the Palazzo in Piazza XV Marzo, according to the convocation arranged by the President Rosaria Succurro for class discussion. The Assembly, after extensive debate, unanimously approved (8 votes in favor and five abstentions) the President’s Governance Program and always unanimously approved the draft Budget 2022-2024, … Read more

The electric car charging service to employees is not taxable

Income from work, according toArticle 51, paragraph 1, Tuirconsists of of all sums and values ​​in general received, for whatever reason, in connection with the secondary employment relationship. This particularly broad definition, based on principle of the overallimplies the inclusion in the concept of income from work and all those amounts and values ​​which, although … Read more

Museum of Industry and Work: an ambitious project lost in the fog, Corsini: the commitment resta-

from “Today we will decide on the purchase, thanks also to the Region” The great absentee in 2023, the year of Brescia as Capital of Culture. One of the most ambitious and visionary projects of the city that has now been lost in the fog of some hesitant (cultural) paternalism and the failure of the … Read more