Because separation at home means unhappiness

Living apart at home is a bad decision because it prevents you from metabolizing the end of the relationship and truly moving forward When you start one romantic relationship It is always believed that this love will last forever and that feeling will never leave. If in some cases it is fortunately so, in others … Read more

four-wheel drive for the hybrid SUV

New Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid it is a compact SUV with hybrid power. Flexible, functional, despite its small size, it comfortably accommodates five people, its 430 liter cargo capacity in standard configuration allows it to be used in 360 degrees. Created to meet the practical and sporty needs of those looking for a car suitable for … Read more

Enea’s 20 tips for saving water at home

According to ENEA’s estimates In Italy, water consumption for civil use (domestic and tertiary) represents about 20% of the total and in a drought situation like today it is necessary to reduce the percentage. In practice, each citizen has a water supply (net of losses) of about 200 liters per day. “One of the big … Read more

Mourning of the day: Monsiglio Caporello, the bishop who loved dialogue, died

Always available for listening and dialogue. Monsignor Egidio Caporello, bishop emeritus of Mantua, died in the night between July 17 and 18. A post on his Facebook page broke the news, since his health condition had deteriorated in the last few days: “At 2.30 am. of July 18,” we read, “Bishop Egidio Caporello returned to … Read more