With the DS7, DS Automobile continues its journey towards the future news agency Italpress

MILAN (ITALPRESS) – DS Automobiles’ journey into the future continues with the new DS7, presented at the futuristic Step FuturAbility District in piazza Olivetti. The new DS brand car has three distinguishing marks: innovative technology, interior refinement and the first 100% DS Automobile design. “Our role is to be the vanguard of the Stellantis Group, … Read more

The Sina Chefs’ Cup Contest journey stops at Antinoo’s Lounge and Restaurant, a restaurant of the Sina Centurion Palace in Venice

On Tuesday 19 July, five-star luxury overlooking the Grand Canal will host the excellence of Serenissima cuisine. Starring are chefs Stefano Vio from Zanze XVI and Valerio Dallamano from Wisteria, both star restaurants in Venice, who, together with resident chef Giancarlo Bellino, will present their dishes inspired by the theme of travel. Tuesday, July 19, … Read more

At Forte Village even taste goes on the road

21 restaurants and 18 bars, 500 thousand meals served, 12 thousand bottles leaf out more than 5 thousand bubbles per season. These are the numbers of Forte Village, an award-winning accommodation in Sardinia 22 times as the best in the world. We are in the south of Sardinia, a kind of destination within a destination, … Read more

Meo and Berto Mendi, the legendary brothers who made Vicenza football great

VICENZA – With his witty pen, Gianni Brera he depicted with these strokes Roman: “He had it chestnut forbidden, a sober style, a fantasy suitable for shooting, which did not need various flourishes.’ And with his sincere affection, Ezio Vendrame ideally he addressed Umberto in this way: “To this good man with great humility, to … Read more

When the journey begins on social media

Now that market signals are looking encouraging, many are praising the desire to start traveling again, but it is a they want travel agents – at least those who are more used to social channels – started farming two years ago, when travel was banned and they let their customers travel thanks to the imagination … Read more

Daria Bignardi: short journey through her books

Daria Bignardi, as we shall see, author. But also a journalist. TV presenter. And a radio host. Taking a picture of his career is a real undertaking: since his career path has developed over the years in different fields, it is difficult to depict it as something static. Speaking of this, it comes more spontaneously … Read more