How much does it cost to organize a wedding?

The total price of a wedding with 100 guests can vary, approximately, between a minimum of 25,000 euros and a maximum of 70,000 euros. According to a study conducted by the Federconsumatori National Observatory in the wake of the resumption of wedding celebrations in Italy after the setback due to the pandemic, luxury weddings have … Read more

an extraordinary journey between art and literature in Maccagno’s ‘Parisi Valle’

Average reading time: 3 minutes Close your eyes and let yourself drift back in time… Try to imagine the magnificent view of our lake, which you are used to. Consider how the scents and colors of these landscapes have filled sensitive souls and fueled the imaginations of Italian and foreign artists and writers during their … Read more

The journey of 95 migrants from Libyan concentration camps to be welcomed in Italy

Safe and sound. The “good practice” of humanitarian corridors has brought 95 refugees to Italy from Libya, bypassing traffickers and waves, with planned entries and tested reception and integration paths. A flow to increase, ask the supporters of the corridors, in front of the world crises that this year brought the number of displaced people … Read more