PNRR, ‘4.0 School Plan’ underway: 100,000 innovative courses for the digital professions of the future

Transforming 100,000 traditional classrooms into innovative learning environments and creating workshops for the digital professions of the future in second-cycle educational institutions: these are the goals of “School Plan 4.0”an educational innovation program for more interactive lessons and more engaged female students. For the measure, which falls under the interventions provided for by the PNRR, … Read more

Sardinia, a nuraghe discovered thanks to laser technology that surveys sites covered in vegetation

by Syntax, written on 09/08/2022, 01:41:51 Categories: Archeology / Topics: Archeology – Sardinia Thanks to LiDAR drone technology, the Bruncu ‘e s’Omu nuragic site in the territory of Villa Verde, in the province of Oristano, has been investigated. A monumental nuraghe and a settlement of huts were discovered. In its context Project Nuraghewinner of the … Read more

Meta’s AI has had its say on Zuckerberg. And that’s not a compliment

“Mark Zuckerberg is a great businessman. Sure, it’s funny that he has so much money and always wears the same clothes.” Many people probably thought so. But the courage to say it, not to write it, he had a car. It was Blenderbot 3, one artificial intelligence based chatbot which Meta just made available to … Read more

FIFA 23. Volta and Pro Club Preview

Let’s find out how FIFA 23 wants to combine the Volta and Pro Club modes into a single career, so as to merge two different communities, but with a lot in common. Our journey to discover FIFA 23 continues, detailing all the news that will affect almost every aspect of the game. In what should … Read more

Artemis, the return to the moon and Leonardo’s role in the space program

The best of the space industry are focused on the upcoming lunar missions. An ambitious plan is underway, developed by NASA in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), which, 50 years after Eugene Cernan’s last moon walk, will bring humanity back to set foot on our satellite. Starting with a female astronaut. Not surprisingly, … Read more

more efficient material with new electrolyte

Many large machine learning models rely on increasing amounts of processing power to achieve their results. But this involves huge energy costs and produces large amounts of heat. A suggested solution is analogical deep learning, which works like a brain using electronic devices that look like neurons. However, so far they have not been fast, … Read more

PNRR, over 2 billion per 100 thousand innovative classes and workshops for the digital professions of the future. Here is the School Plan 4.0

An innovative curriculum for more interactive lessons and more engaged students. This is the “4.0 School Plan”, an allocation of 2.1 billion euros to transform 100,000 traditional classrooms into innovative learning environments and create workshops for the digital professions of the future in secondary schools. Flexible and technological learning spaces to promote collaboration and inclusion. … Read more

Early diagnosis of stroke, the University of Bolzano in the national research consortium

Bolzano, August 8, 2022 – The Faculty of Information Sciences and Technologies is the technological partner of a consortium of universities and public bodies that, over the next four years, will work together in the framework of the national pilot project “POS-T2-STROKE” (led l University of L’Aquila). The research team, led by Prof. Enrico Franconi, … Read more