In 2023 the EU agricultural robot competition will be in Italy!

Home Digital Agriculture In 2023 the EU agricultural robot competition will be in Italy! July 2, 2022 Digital agriculture, Internet of things, precision agriculture A real competition dedicated to robots used in agriculture: this was mounted in Montoldre, France between June 7 and 10. There Agri-Food Competition for Robot Evaluation (ACRE) It was no coincidence … Read more

From Computer Vision to Machine Learning, IoT to Quantum: Hera Group’s Garbage Collection Needs Data

For a utility, or rather a multi-utility, working with data not only descriptively, but also predictively in search of operational efficiency and effectiveness is a necessity rather than a mission, as basic services to citizens are manage. This is why Hera, for many years, has been focusing on digitizing and monitoring the data collected on … Read more

Sustainable innovation: choice or necessity?

Companies around the world are transforming their processes with the goal of eliminating, or at least reducing, the close relationship between business development and resource use. This goes through abandoning a linear growth model in favor of it circular economyin which products are designed to meet the rules of sustainability and take into account not … Read more

Boyd acquires Sensata’s thermal test and control division

Boyd, a leading global provider of innovative thermal management technologies and engineered materials, announced the acquisition of Sensata’s Thermal Test and Controls Business (NYSE: ST). This division specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced thermal control systems, adapters and sockets fundamental to the temperature control process for high-tech logic and memory semiconductors. The integration … Read more

special degree course starts in September –

Four different ones study programs (Technological-IT, Bio-Medical, Economic-Business, Socio-Legal- Political) and a genesis characterized by the strong participation of companies interested in the development of professionals ready to meet the challenges of the future. Thus was born the specialized degree in Artificial Intelligence offered by the University of Eastern Piedmont, starting from September 1, 2022, … Read more

Artificial intelligence and robotics, Giorgio Metta: why and how we should invest

Icub “Physics does not rule out the possibility of replicating human intelligence”: Giorgio Metta he thinks like a scientist. Therefore, it simply points out that for now theArtificial Intelligence it has not reached human capacity. “That moment hasn’t come yet,” he clarifies. At this point, he doesn’t seem to have many doubts, while instead he … Read more

World of work: how to make it work better?

Digitization represents a great opportunity in the world of work and most organizations are digitizing their businesses and inventing new business models. Right now, digitization is the big opportunity for our generation. Most organizations are digitizing their businesses and inventing new business models to create amazing experiences not only for customers, but also for employees. … Read more

From Myhsd to Electrospindle 4.0: secrets and strategies of Hsd, aiming for zero-defect production

How can companies manufacturing collect real-time information from spindleoptimize its activity, diagnose problems and avoid it engine stop with preventive maintenance And prophetic? The topic is central because the axis is a critical component of many mechanical tool: lathes, milling machines, drills, grinding machines, sharpening machines and axial mills. It is a star element of … Read more

Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation at Upo

ALEXANDRIA – From September it will be possible to register for the new master’s degree in “Artificial intelligence and digital innovation”a two-year specialization projected into the future and modern technologies.The course is organic in his education offering Department of Science and Technological Innovation (DISIT) but characterized by ainterdisciplinary teaching perspective, aiming to train two main … Read more