The Cleantok effect at home

Also there house cleaning it is a social phenomenon. Yes, the hashtag #Cleantok – on the pact platform – has amassed (and continues to do so) about 36 million views and notifications in just a few months: it’s really viral. Just look for it – or rather, type it – to get a shower with an application with tips on how to organize the house (not the virtual but the real). Of course, the trend also turns a blind eye to Instagram. Because even on the pre-eminently photographic platform, his videos cleaning they get dizzying numbers and a lot of satisfaction – according to users who enjoy seeing the before and after of the surfaces being treated. Often even these short shots replace the clips ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response: literally, autonomic response of the sensory meridian), which relax, celery body starting from the brain. But the trend does not stop there. On Tik Tokhouse cleaning has become a competition for the most fragrant corner of the web and users seem, fortunately, also sensitive to the issue sustainability. Self wash clothes by hand represents a huge waste of water, it is necessary to ask what are the best products to combine environmentally friendly washes in the washing machine. And so on for all the household chores. Here are some tips for the best soaps, lotions and detergents in circulation, useful for passing the finger test on the surface. In the absence of dust, the challenge is to be considered a winner.

Household soaps: Diptyque skin and wood treatment milk

Kind photo by Diptyque

Milk with Diptyque wax for skin and wood treatment

Diptyque Paris

€ 25.00

This lotion is valuable, very valuable. For use two to four times a year on the same product, the milk for skin and wood care (with there were bees), has many uses and so many virtues. It cleans, nourishes and polishes wooden furniture and (also) is limited to the perfect detergent when leather clothes (shoes, accessories, belts, suitcases and bags) need cleaning that rejuvenates the aesthetic charm of the noble material. Its aroma, reminiscent of the aroma of forests, evokes the sweetest notes of Cedar and Patchouli. Given the line to which it belongs, La Droguerie di Diptyque, the sustainable side of the product is the result of the brand’s attention to the environment. For this reason, it has Ecocert certification.

Household soaps: Toilet paper soap

Courtesy photo ToiletPaper

Toilet paper dishwashing detergent

Toilet paper

€ 18.90

“You have two options: eat your spaghetti like a vacuum cleaner or wash the plate with other spaghetti” – this is what ToiletPaper presents, the magazine (a creative work in three hundred and sixty degrees) founded by the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. uses and purposes of detergent in the latest fashion (design). Because scrubbing and polishing is (and is) a trend. The graphics Spaghetti, one of the most famous toilet paper, it fits perfectly with the contents of the dispenser. And, only the distributor is one anti-waste solution that helps the dose of soap: do not use it too much to respect the environment and avoid its mass consumption. Indeed, half a liter of this dish soap takes time. So, soap is also decorative.

Soaps for the home: Everdrop change kit

Kind photo Everdrop

Everdrop Changemaker Kit


€ 71.99

“Together, let’s change the world” – this is the motto of Everdrop, a brand of eco-friendly soaps and dispensers, which, with a range of waste-saving products and more, is trying to bring about a domestic revolution. The complete kit (with detergent tablets, general purpose detergent, laundry detergent for colored clothes, dishwasher detergent, powder toilet gel detergent, dishwashing powder and reusable bottles) is called Changemaker and makes a difference. It focuses on the second life of the containers, the natural origin of the sponges and the desire not to pollute: to reduce the human impact on the environment. The sets can also be purchased in a single package.

    Household soaps: The eco-friendly kits of KINN Living basic clothes

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    Saving plastics and respecting the skin, clothes and the planet are the two main goals of the KINN Living project. The British brand, to meet the desires of – and many of us – created a range of eco-wash with a range of products that meet the (very topical) demands for sustainability. The kit, renamed the Eco-Laundry Essentials Starter Bundle, includes: 3 KINN 1-liter keep-me bottles, 3 x 1-liter refill compartments – including the award-winning Neroli non-bio gentle wash, fabric softener and laundry detergent. All laundry products are dermatologically tested, approved by pediatricians and suitable for sensitive skin.

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