Tell NATO that there is an attacker between Turkey and Greece and he attacked

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg receives Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, June 14, 2021 (photo by Ansa)

On Ants Gennaro Malgieri writes: “In the absence of political culture, strategic vision, planning and genuine governmental ambition based on the awareness of the Italian systemic crisis which was vigorously encouraged by his party Cricket immediately revealed his smallness. He was in Europe with his yellow vests and similarly damaged wagons. across the Atlantic he was looking for credentials that did not agree with those he begs for in the Kremlin. “

An intelligent observer like Malgieri records one of the focal points of the 5-star’s incredible success in 2018: the joint support offered by this movement from the British, aimed at reducing the influence of Berlin and Paris in Rome (the British Ambassador to Italy praising the grillini on television, the New York Times claimed Virginia Rugby in Rome, the FBI and its fight against the mafia), and the system of influence, well connected to Beppe Grillo, from Beijing, who saw an opportunity to enter the Italian political game. First the support of the English sphere fell a Giuseppe Conte when he supported (with some interest from the Chinese party) Ursula von der Leyenthen Beijing’s support went into crisis when Luigi Di Maio joined the American party with the war in Ukraine. All this contributed to the dissolution of a movement that mattered more abroad than within our nation: also thanks, as we often remember, to its choice Giorgio Napolitano to let our democracy be based on the “high”, that is, on international influences, instead of the “low”, that is, on the popular vote. The ever-increasing abstention of the electorate, however, has also been demonstrated in recent administrations et al referendum on justiceexplains how unpredictable decomposition phenomena can develop in a very short time and bring Italy even more into disarray.

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On Startmag Theodoros Dalavekouras writes: “The unwritten rules of diplomatic etiquette prevented Mitsotakis to express with the sincerity of the case the opinion of the Greeks for his words Stoltenberg. He thought about it, in an “open letter” published on Daily the same day, Petros Molyviatiswho, despite signing himself as a “Greek citizen”, is a prominent spokesman for the Athenian political diplomat, former ambassador to the United Nations, NATO and Moscow, three times Minister of Foreign Affairs and, in the first six difficult years (1974) . -1980) of the Greek Republic reborn from the ashes of the military junta, head of the political office of the Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis. “Dear Secretary General of NATO,” Molyviatis begins, “lately you have made statements about the crisis in Greek-Turkish relations. Obviously these statements maintain equality between the two countries. “In reality, however, they are unacceptable in form, in fact they favor the attacker over the attacker and ultimately harm the Alliance.” He does not formulate policies – which is the work of governments – nor does he express positions without the approval of the governments themselves, and it is clear that these statements have not been approved by the The Greek government. “” The reason for the life of any alliance is obviously the solidarity between the members of the alliance itself. , of Greece, and specifically 152 islands and islets of the eastern Aegean “.

From one of the 152 islands and islets that have been created, I strongly endorse Molyviatis’ words and hope that Providence makes Americans think a little about how they should make every effort to establish a dignified world order.

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On Tgcom Website writes: “The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, informed G7 leaders that the lifting of the Ukrainian embargo on wheat had reached a “moment of truth”. Guterres, who has held separate talks with Ukraine and Russia, said there was an agreement between the parties to allow grain to pass through three Kyiv-controlled ports, including Odessa, without the need to mine ports and cross the Black Sea. “Sea in safe lanes under the supervision of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN.”

Efforts to stop the ongoing escalation on both the Russian and Western fronts, and to set the boundaries and goals of a conflict that must not spiral out of control, must be urgent to those who do not want the world to respond. destruction.

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On First online We write: “With the Luxembourg limited liability company, Delfin, The Elder controls 38.4 percent of EssilorLuxottica, 28 percent of Covivio real estate (listed on the Paris Stock Exchange) and 13 percent of Luxair, a Luxembourg airline. As for Mediobanca (over 19 percent), in recent years it has had a battle with its management Alberto Nagel, also proposing some changes in governance. Rumors have been circulating for a long time about the possibility of a conflict on the occasion of the renewal of the Board of Directors in October 2023, but now the scenarios will definitely change. The game at Mediobanca is closely linked to that at Leone di Trieste, of which Delfin owns more than 9 percent of the capital. On the occasion of the last meeting, Generali supported the list presented Francesco Gaetano Caltagironecoming out defeated from the confrontation with the team that presented the outgoing Board “.

One of the few great Italian businessmen who, after building an empire for himself, continued to pursue strategic goals, instead of selling his assets to a foreign investor, as most of his “peers” did and did.

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