The Bluetti EP500 Pro arrives in Europe: the home battery is on wheels

A home battery, a portable generator and a backup UPS – three products in one, with a total capacity of 5.1 kWh. Called the EP500 Pro, it debuted on Kickstarter last year and was a huge success in terms of cost, with over € 4 million raised.

As a home battery, it wants to compete, in addition to capacity, with the Tesla PowerWall or SonnenCore: we deal with batteries equipped with an AC-DC converter inside, so that they can be connected directly to the mains. A solution that can therefore be used autonomously, even by those who do not have a solar system and do not have a hybrid converter, required to connect storage systems such as Huawei Luna or LG.

Using it as a battery, the EP500 Pro can store energy at the least costly hours and then deliver it when the cost of electricity is higher. Not only that: thanks to the multiple 3 kilowatt outputs, the power station can become useful in case there are devices that need to be powered. there is a risk of blowing the meter if thisas is the case with most homes, is set to 3 kW and has a low tolerance.

However, the main use remains of saving and achieving energy autonomy: although off-grid systems are banned in Italy, the EP500 can be used in conjunction with the main system to create a small photovoltaic system with storage for a balcony or terrace. In fact, the unit has a direct current input for solar panels with MPTT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller, which means that by connecting a series of panels up to 2400 watts the maximum in just three hours, if it is sunny, the battery will charge.

Five panels with an excellent quality / price ratio such as the JINKO 450Wp (1000 euto in total), connected directly to the station, should be enough to absorb much of the consumption of a family of three along with the battery.

The system also allows the battery to be recharged using solar panels and the mains: in this case 2400 Watts arrive from the sun and 3000 Watt from the mains, raising the recharge to 80% in about 60 minutes. Useful for emergencies.

The second use is as a UPS: while normal storage batteries have a long response time, the EP500 Pro intervenes within 20 ms of possible network outages, thus avoiding data loss and system or service shutdowns.

Everything is mounted on wheels: the charged battery can be moved and used outside, even if the weight of 83 kg is certainly not indifferent. As a standalone unit it becomes a huge battery pack, with a really impressive number of outputs: at the top there are two Qi wireless charging areas, in front there is a C 100 Watt power port, there are 4 USB Type A ports and two 12 V and 10 outputs amperes as well as an output of 12 V and 30 amps for powering the electrical system of a caravan or a motor home.

In front of it are three classic 220V sockets, for services that must be supplied with alternating current.

The technology used is LiFePO4, or lithium iron phosphate, and the batteries are guaranteed for more than 6000 recharge cycles, almost 20 years of life. The price, as we said, is not low: 4999 euros on offer, 5999 euros the price list.

Today the price of a Tesla Powerwall is around 12,000 euros, which, however, can be reduced by 50% in the tariff: we are faced with a solution with more capacity, but without the flexibility of Bluetti: it is not portable and has no solar input. .

The EP500 Po is a product designed for very specific uses: a person may want to make a standalone garden or air conditioning or refrigerator and kitchen appliances: with 5 railing panels or mounted on the roof of the garden shed, a battery could create an independent energy island that slightly reduces consumption on the bill.

Useful for those who have camping, can stay out for weeks without having to be hooked on a pillar or for those who have activities that require setting up outdoor benches where lighting is required, consider shopping or street vendors. In some cases, the required investment could be repaid in less than 5 years.

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