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Tiziana Palazzini, from Milan, manages 55 apartments across Italy: “Before accepting bookings, I check the guest’s profile”. Cristiana Paci, from Ravenna, owner of Casa Gugù: “I approve of the law, in the past I had some bad experiences”

A second professional life, very intense and full of satisfactions, his Tiziana Palazzini, 62, designer from Milan, who for 12 years switched jobs and manages full-time holiday homes in Venice, Milan, Champoluc, Gressoney and now also in Sardinia and Sicily. Fifty-five apartments with the hosting platform Airbnb were brought together under its agency, Hostitalia, which manages third parties. “The design sector was in crisis. The opportunity to change jobs arose when my parents moved to Venice and bought us three apartments – he says -. In Milan, on the other hand, I started with the Expo and the tourist boom. I am satisfied, but mine it is a very delicate job that imposes a series of rules and controls on the guests“.

With the pandemic, home-sharing company Airbnb had reworked some key features for booking homes and experiences introducing a temporary ban on large parties, as well as up to 16 people per booking.
A temporary ban, that of organizing numerous parties inside the rental houses of the Airbnb circuit, which was introduced in 2020 and has become permanent since June 29
. “With Covid, many people used to rent apartments just to have parties, but, long before the launch of this new law, I apply the ban on organizing parties in the apartments I manage – explains Palazzini -. A way to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises but from which I have not been exempted. On New Year’s Eve, at a mountain house, crowds of children arrived even though they said the house was only rented to a few adults. Noises, even fireworks … delirium. I called the police, then notified Airbnb and flagged them as unwanted guests. In effect, they were kicked off the platform.” Other precautions? “I check the profile of guests by reading the reviews other Airbnb managers make about them. I always have a clear idea of ​​who I am hosting, also because the staff who work with me send me pictures of how they left the house and therefore I write my opinion visible only to us admins. Quality always wins in these things.”

“Smoking and alcohol: a bad experience”

He also had a bad experience Cristiana Paci, 54, who for a year manages a magnificent late 19th-century house in the center of Ravenna: Casa Gugù. Five rooms, with the names (Reader’s room, Tramp’s room, Artist’s room, Green and Suite) of the passions and nature of the people who lived in them over time, leaving traces and signs of their existence there. “A B&B that is successful only because it guarantees a certain kind of welcome – Cristiana clarifies -. As you know, people from Romagna always want to make you feel good! ». At the beginning of his professional experience, before joining the Airbnb circuit, he had to manage some unpleasant situations. “I had two guests, father and son, who were staying with me for a few days, leave before paying the bill. With the platform’s booking portal, however, this cannot happen because the payment is made in advance or, in any case, their credit card details are left by the future guests.” And are parties allowed at Casa Gugù? “No, also because in the past I happened to have a small group of boys who smoked in the house, which I forbid. They also ransacked the alcohol cabinet, in short the classic guests no one would want to have. Airbnb’s new no-large-party rule that is now permanent can find my support.”

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