The UK’s biggest EuroMillions winners and the curse of money: lifts, death and divorce

A UK ticket holder has just become the next winner of EuroMillions, the biggest win in the country’s history.

The lucky winner of the lottery will take home 184 million pounds, enough money to buy him four Caribbean islands.

It’s even more than the total net worth of footballers Harry Kane (£ 33 million) and Paul Pogba (£ 64 million) combined, a staggering amount of money.

The huge amounts of a EuroMillions lottery win are just a crazy dream for many of us, with the opportunity to win only 1 in 117 million, but for some it came true and changed their lives completely forever.

The EuroMillions win was not without its share of controversy, so where are some of the UK’s former top winners now and what have they done with the extra millions in their bank?

Jane Park – εκατο 1 million

The national lottery of 17-year-old Jane Park, a Midlothiian teenager

Jane Park took home 1 1 million when she was just 17 years old

It does not seem fair to think of 1 1 million as a small sum of money, but in the world of EuroMillions, these are the peanuts.

But Jane Park, who won that amount in 2013 at just 17 years old, has not kept her profits.

Ever since he bought cars and clothes, Park has spent more than 50 50,000 on plastic surgery, but he almost had to fight for his life after a bum lift went terribly wrong.

He told the Sunday People: “I have material things but other than that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life?

“I wish I had no money most days.”

Ever since he made his profits, he is now calling Liverpool home after quitting an 8 8 an hour job in Edinburgh for Dubai during the lockout.

Colin and Christine Weir – 1 161 million

Euromillions winners Chris and Colin Weir, who funded a business to help four-year-old Skye Swinton walk

Colin and Christine divorced in 2019 after their big victory

Colin Weir and his ex-wife Christine earned 1 161 million in 2011.

The couple became Scotland’s biggest winner ever and wanted to put their millions into good cause.

As a huge fan of Partick Thistle, Colin Weir donated large sums of money to his club and hoped it would be more of a community football team.

He also spent a lot of money on his children and founded The Weir Charitable Trust, as well as wandering around in the form of cars, jewelry and an elegant 1, 1.1 million mansion in Ayr.

However, in 2019 he divorced his wife Christine and, after battling an illness for quite some time, died of sepsis three months later at the age of 72.

He even made room for donations even after his death, saving money for a lobster party for his funeral.

Francis and Patrick Connolly: 115 115 million

Frances Connolly, 52, and Patrick Connolly, 54, of Moira in Northern Ireland

Frances and Patrick Connelly donate laptops to children during lockdown

The couple from Northern Ireland took home this impressive figure on New Year 2019.

The retired teacher and businessman initially thought it was a scam, but celebrated it with a cup of tea when they realized it was true.

They decided to make a list of the 50 people and funds they wanted to give their money to, and even bought laptops for children who did not have access to education during the lockdown.

The generous couple revealed last year that they donated more than half the money to close families, charities and others in need.

Francis Connolly told the BBC: “It was a completely manic tornado and a cycle of absolute joy from start to finish.”

Adrian and Gillian Bayford – 8 148 million

Lottery winners Adrian Bayford and their wife Gillian who later divorced

Adrian and Gillian divorced just one year after earning the money

Husband and wife winners EuroMillions Adriano and Gillian from Suffolk got this heavy sum in 2012, but they were no strangers to the controversy since they redeemed the money.

A little over a year after they held the big check, they broke up after the winnings were between them.

Prior to their divorce, the couple invested the money in a huge 6 6 million holiday home.

Following the break-up, Adrian Bayford decided to return to work and start his own music business with a store consisting of the largest collection of Lady Gaga souvenirs in the world.

In 2017, he faced panic when thieves broke into his home and stole αξ 100,000 worth of goods in the area.

Gillian Bayford suffered a public outcry when her father claimed he had not received 20 20 million from his daughter as advertised and was given only a paltry million instead.

Dave and Angela Dawes: 101 101 million

Dave and Angela λι 4 million's house was looted

Dave and Angela λι 4 million’s house was looted

The winners of this huge cash pot in 2011 had years full of action thanks to the huge results of their lottery.

Shift supervisor Dave and volunteer Angela Dawes wanted to be less selfish and rushed to share it with family and close friends.

They have set up a charity and reportedly donated more than 30 30 million since they won.

However, after their 4 4 million mansion, which belonged to Tom Jones, was looted with them by thieves, they needed more security and feared for their lives.

The thieves stole about .000 20,000 in cash from their Range Rover and some of their fancy jewelry.

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