First home bonus under 36, down payment paid by the father to be included in the VAT refund

First home bonus under 36 years, VAT refund even in case of advances paid by the buyer’s father, if this aspect is mentioned in the deed, the final sale deed. The answer to question no. 261 published by the Revenue Agency on May 11, 2022.

First seat bonus under 36for advances paid by the father you will need to enter a special “apostle” in act in order to obtain it refund of VAT credit due.

It will be necessary thatfinal sale deed mention in detail the amounts already paid as an advance and a down paymentin order to prove the tax paid which will then be recognized as VAT credit in favor of the buyer who is the beneficiary of the first home bonus under 36 years.

It’s theRevenue Agency to provide clarifications through answer to question no. 261 of 11 May 2022.

First home bonus under 36, down payment paid by the father to be included in the VAT refund

The taxpayer who has the conditions to benefit from the tax, addresses the Revenue Service first home bonus under 36who asks if thehead to father from compromise and his Invoices for advances and advances compromising access to VAT tax deduction.

The VAT refund is part of the benefits package introduced by article 64 of decree law 73/2021 in favor of young people under 36 years with ISEE up to 40,000 euros.

For first home purchase transactions, defined up to December 31, 2022In case of VAT application, in fact, a tax credit equal to the tax paid is due, which will be used as a deduction from registry, mortgage, land registry, inheritance and donation taxes, in the tax return for the payment of IRPEF. or in compensation.

What happens in his case preliminary agreement set by the father and next purchase completed by son? The Revenue Agency with the answer no. 261 focuses on the practical case.

In this case, the compromise defined by the father provides for the purchase, “For himself or to be appointed a natural or legal person”, ownership of the property. Along with the preliminary were paid advances and deposits with VAT 4 percent.

For VAT refund son, who will complete the purchase of the property benefiting from the first residence allowance, in the reply of 11 May the Revenue Agency clarifies that it is necessary todeed of sale the advances already paid are indicated:

“Indication of the relevant amounts and methods of payment as well as the details of the invoices issued to the same parent with the application of a reduced VAT rate of 4 percent.”

In the act should therefore be settlement of the amount of VAT paid in relation to the subsidized purchase, which will be the 4 percent tax credit recognized to the beneficiary under 36 years of age.

Revenue Agency – answer to question no. 261 of 11 May 2022
Article 64 of the legislative decree of May 25, 2021, no. 73, as amended by article 1 of the law of 30 December 2021, no. 234. Tax advantages for the purchase of housing by young people (the so-called first home under 36). Transaction with VAT

First Home Bonus Under 36, Statement of Appointment for Preliminary Rights

The Revenue Service then focuses on contract for the person to be appointedgoverned by Articles 1401 et seq. of the Civil Code which stipulate:

  • At the moment conclusion of the contract a party may reserve the right to then designate the person to acquire the rights and to assume the obligations arising from the contract itself (see Article 1401).
  • There declaration of appointment must be notified to the other party within three days of the signing of the contract, unless the parties have specified a different term (see Article 1402 (1)).
  • The statement has no effect if it is not accompanied byacceptance of the nominated person or if there is no power of attorney prior to the contract “(see Article 1402 (2)).
  • When the declaration of appointment has become valid, the nominee acquires the rights and undertakes the obligations resulting from the contract valid from the time specified (see Article 1404).

Forindication of the child which conventional part of the preliminary originally defined by the father, for the acquisition of the rights and obligations deriving from the contract itself and from the date of conclusion, the answer given clarifies that valid declaration of appointment in the light of the above provisions.

In doing so, the son will come payments from the father are charged as a down payment and advances, in order to take full advantage of the first home bonus for young people under 36 without barriers.

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