Chiaravalle / Diego Priori: fallen into the abyss today dreams of the Paralympics in Paris

Victim of a serious accident, he decided to have a leg amputated: “You can live with some physical limitations: the head counts, the heart counts, the will counts”

Chiaravalle, July 3, 2022 – There death and life in 10 years, The pain intolerable And afterward the sunniest joy.

There sensation from to have fallen into an endless abyss and 10 years later, the certainty that they have been reappropriated completely of one’s existence, as much as you can rock the dream of participation Paralympics from Paris in the 2024.

The May 21, 2012 Diego Priori, than at that time he had 31 years old, risks pass away in a work accident in the Piane di Camerata Picena.

The light goes out And years of unspeakable misery begin.

“That morning, it was monday I will never forget it – Diego Priori remembers what he has today 41 years old, one wife who has it always supported And one beautiful 4 year old girl -. I had started to be a truck driver, my father’s profession e I was working at Co. Fer.M. in Camerata. In a moment it’s me the left foot that stayed under the wheel from truck he is alone thanks to a colleague, Luciano, I am here to be able to say it. He had the readiness to take off the belt, to use it like a tourniquet otherwise I would have bled to death. I tried excruciating pain. I am remained conscious until upon arrival of the ambulanceis also left in Heart attack for a few moments. I woke up in Torrette Hospital, after one very long operation, with the leg covered with a sheet“.

Life was saved but since then for him sufferings and adversities began omnifarious.












“Flap right now the doctors I was told I had lost a lot of leg function what if it was infections have occurred there would be danger from amputation. They had in plaster for two months the limb and they have part of the tissues was reconstructed. Then they have me applied a nail that they took off And I put back sometimes in the coming months: horrible pains and despair.”

But the worst was yet to come Why on valentines day i was at dinner with my partner, who is now my wife, when suddenly I felt sick: I used to have almost 41 of the fever it is one severe infection”.

For Diego Priori, the beginning of another odyssey.

“On the advice of a friend of Castelbellino I went to a specialized center in Cortina d’Ampezzo where they have me applied the Ilizarov device which I kept 9 months with shooting pains: I used to have many foot problems And I walked badly with a brace. I am returned in 2014 at work though I couldn’t drive trucks anymore. In the 2015the year of the wedding, we did it honeymoon in USA: On the way back the leg was in bad shapeall arched And I couldn’t put my foot down. Post another visit to Cortina I turned to Rizzoli of Bologna where they told me that I had to start over“.

In those days Diego Priori gets one decision active and courageouswho has him change it ZOE.

I asked to the doctor to amputate my leg from the knee down: he was absolutely opposed but I, after talking to Andrea, a boy from Ancona who had been amputated at 18, Now I had made up my mind. In the January 2017 they had limb amputated and then they have me in Budrio place the prosthesis’.

Desperation? Fret? Am I cursed with a cruel fate? None of these: Diego Priori buys one first Mountain bike and then, with his advice Alexander, his own Jesse’s friend, a road bike And It starts to ride, ride And ride yet.

“Even when there was Covid I trained 2 hours a day on the rollers And with the help of my coach I started participating in contests. Every day I felt better physically and the bicycle was also done reason for life, a stimulus for regeneration and I had become mentally strong thanks to paracycling. In Marina di Massa al Italian Championship 2021, in the my first race I finished third then with my team, Person from Civitanova Brandto Dueville I have he won both the road race and the time trial And now I’m preparing the Italian championships which will take place on Avezzano in August. The dreamthat can become a reality, is participation in Paralympics Paris And I will do anything to be there“.

I never forget from who has fight with memy wife Alice, my mother Patricia, my father Stefanos, my sister Sarah, Many the friends that they supported me: without them I wouldn’t have done it. I was also afraid to give blood, now i want to tell everyone you must be brave that a disability doesn’t stop you, that one can also live with some physical limitation. The head counts, the heart counts, the will counts“.

Diego Priori

Diego Priori is born in Jesi on September 29, 1981. He’s got resides in Moie until 2020then yes it is was transferred to Clairvaux, where he lives with his wife Alice, a psychologist, and their 4-year-old daughter Camila. The May 21, 2012 Diego Prioriwhich he had then 31 years old, has a dramatic and very serious occupational accident on the Piane di Camerata Picena.
ONE truck crushes his left leg that remains seriously injured. Post years of pain And unspeakable suffering, who have it had to move between several hospitals and special constructionstrial, Priori in 2017 decides with courage to have his limb amputated below the knee. After the surgery and the prosthetic that apply to Budrio, begins to get passionate from cyclingfirst with a Mountain bike and then me the road bike. He trains hard And achieves several important victories. Of dream, that can come true given the results it achieves, it is participates in the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

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