Falstaff on stage at the Globe Theater in Rome 2022

On stage until July 10in the magical setting of the Globe Theater in Rome, the “comedy” strongly desired by Queen Elizabeth who was literally impressed by his character Falstaff present in the work of Enrico IV and V.

The grotesque, at times touching character of Falstaff is in fact the absolute star of the play directed by Marko Carnitis. Falstaff is masterfully played by the actor Antonino Iuoriowho appears, in several cases, completely “stripped” of his emotions.

The comedy

The Bard wrote this work in just 14 days, lightning fast. Shakespeare’s best dramatic virtues are interspersed within the plot: love, jealousy, mockery, disguises.

The play also sees two women as “parallel” protagonists, Madame Page and Madame Ford, who more than “merry wives” are “free women“: Free to think, to act, to be. A work, therefore, paradoxically revolutionary and pioneering, if we look at it from this point of view.

A comedy definitely based on the play of parts, misunderstandings and, somehow, instinct. The setting is definitely reminiscent of Artistic comedywith his character Madam Quickly acting as a Harlequin servant of two masters. In short, there is no shortage of Commedi dell’Arte references and polishes.

A 2 hour and 30 minute show that is really worth seeing. The viewer is never tired, on the contrary, they are prey to curiosity, to the desire to understand where the story ends. Above all, one is enchanted by the stories and characteristics of the individual characters.

The plot

With no cash, Falstaff decides to woo two rich married women, Madame Ford and Madame Page, by sending them two identical love letters. The two women, upon receiving the letter, discover that they turn out to be identical, and explode. Treacherous Majesty! And they decide to take revenge by staging a prank that unfolds in different ways.

Lord Ford is jealous and afraid of being betrayed by his wife.

At the same time, there is Anne, daughter of Madame and Lord Page, who wants to get married. Her parents don’t give Anne the choice to choose their husband because her father wants her to marry Slender. Actually Anne loves a young man named Fenton.

Why does Falstaff remain relevant?

The character of Falstaff is not meant to fade away as he is completely current in all respects. Symbol of human, physical, spiritual and moral decay. Falstaff represents the other side of the coin, the “grotesque” side, ridiculous yet tragic, characterized by vanity, lust and avarice. Yet Shakespeare’s man is a man stranded, resisting, understanding, and pitying himself. Although controversial, although characterized by a jester-like human nature, the viewer finds some elements that connect him to Falstaff.

Shakespeare makes him a foolish gentleman, with an insatiable appetite for food, drink, and women. Definitely a liar, he doesn’t lack cunning. He is one of Shakespeare’s most comical characters, although he first appears not in a play, but in a historical play, Henry IV.

The cast

(in alphabetical order)
SLENDER Tommaso Cardarelli
MRS QUICKLY Patrizio Cigliano
MADAME FORD Antonella Civale
NYM Roberto Fazioli
MASTER FORD Gianluigi Fogacci
FENTON Sebastian Gimelli Morosini
ROBIN Dario Guidi
FALSTAFF Antonino Iuorio
JUDGE RICHOS Roberto Mantovani
ANNA PAGE Valentina Martial
EVANS Gigi Palla
MAIN PAGE Loredana Piedimonte
Raffaele Proietti PISTOL
MASTER PAGE Mauro Santopietro
BARDOLFO Alessio Sardelli
SIMPLICIO Federico Tolardo


Director’s assistant

Director’s assistant

Stage designer’s assistant

Serena Cospito

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