” Travel notes ”: a trip to the provinces of Tuscany to discover local traditions

FLORENCE – Enhance and expand the possibilities of discovering Tuscan food and wine traditions not only through the offer of shops and restaurants, but also through open-air accommodation, baths and hotels that from today will be able to participate Tuscany showcase.

These are the goals of the new memorandum of understanding that he signed this morning Confesercenti Toscana Assoturismo and Toscana Promotion of Tourism for the development of Tuscany showcasehis work Tuscany and Unioncamere Region was born to promote responsible and sustainable tourism through innovative forms of enhancing the identity of tourist destinations and the cultural and food and wine traditions of Tuscany, thus strengthening the very small and small businesses operating in the region. A project supported in terms of digital communication by Sistema Toscana Foundation taking care of the website and social networking channels.

The Chianti landscape

The protocol stipulates that all companies associated with Confesercenti Tuscany Assotourism wishing to participate in the initiative must adopt the Vetrina Toscana manifesto of values ​​and include at least one of the following services in their offer:

Tuscan breakfast: proposal of at least one confectionery and a savory product of the territory, which will be identified with a label with the logo of Vetrina Toscana and short description: breakfast, especially in accommodation facilities, is experienced as an “experience” of the territory, offering the visitor the opportunity to get to know the authenticity and formality of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition.

menu: offer at least three traditional Tuscan dishes for food and wine, enhancing local produce.

corner: creation of points of sale which include at least three products among those listed in Vetrina Toscana.

“When we started the new Vetrina Toscana class, a little less than a year ago, we were just imagining it,” he explained. Leonardo Marras, Tuscany Region Economic and Tourism Advisor -: an increasingly participatory project that opens up to the world of hospitality as a whole, promoting the values ​​of sustainability, conscious consumption and, consequently, responsible tourism. “Therefore, we welcome this protocol which, I am sure, will be an incentive for many Tuscan economic activities to make the Vetrina authorities their own and to enrich their hospitality offer.”

“The protocol aims to significantly expand the number of companies in the regional tourism supply chain that are willing to use local products to meet their food and wine offerings, along with hotels, campsites and swimming pools, with more than 1,500 restaurants and shops. already following Vetrina Toscana – he said Fabrizio Loti, President of Assoturismo. The offer of food and wine is one of the main tourist attractions of our region and the certification of this offer certainly helps to increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of small tourism businesses in Tuscany, improving the quality of experiences offered to tourists. It is great to enhance the Tuscan breakfast, following the rural tradition, with genuine products produced and / or transformed by companies with a small supply chain “. “It is equally important to improve the food and wine supply of the many structures that exist in the area, especially indoors,” Lotti continued. I work in the field of coastal tourism and many customers of our facilities love to discover restaurants inland, fascinated by the atmosphere that characterizes them and the excellent quality of cuisine, produced with traditional recipes and quality products.

The presentation of its second edition “Travel notes Tuscan stories between culture and food”, a project designed by Confesercenti of Arezzo, Livorno, Pistoia, Prato and Siena in coordination with Confesercenti Toscana to support restaurants, shops, farms and producers that are part of the Vetrina Toscana network. A real journey to discover Tuscany with a rich calendar that includes forty events that will take place from May 2022 to February 2023.

The fil rouge that binds all his appointments “Travel notes” It is the exploration of the region, culture, history, curiosities and jokes with quality catering and typical Tuscan products. Specifically, itineraries include lunch or dinner or tasting combined with guided tours of often unfamiliar parts of the area, hiking, playful activity, cultural initiative (readings and performances) to get to know the area.

Food and wine proposals will be presented by restaurants, farms, shops that adhere to Vetrina Toscana, enhancing the products and food and wine identity of the region with the specifics of the territorial destinations and the quality of the agri-food producers, according to responsible and sustainable tourism .and increasingly in search of authentic experiences and attention to the quality of food and cuisine of the area. The project also provides for the participation of local tourist or environmental guides who are authorized to operate in the areas of responsibility.

In addition to the rich program of events, one of the main innovations of this second edition of “Travel notes” is the creation of some tourist packages that will allow those who live far from the place where the initiatives take place to participate, having the opportunity to book much earlier. Some scheduled appointments will even be promoted at extra-regional level, combining each specific event with overnight and other experiences in the area.

But the news does not end there: he was actually born “Tuscany showcase for the little ones”, which includes initiatives that provide knowledge of the area and products through a language and playful experiences that best suit the younger audience. Between these training and interactive tours, activities take place in the countryside on participating training farms to discover the animal world and see how zero-kilometer products are born.

“We are very happy to present this new version,” he said Camilla Ferry of Confesercenti Pistoia and coordinator of the “Travel Notes” project. My colleagues from the Confesercenti of Arezzo, Livorno, Prato and Siena did a great job of giving this second edition a more “peripheral” character. Aware of the fact that the last two years have been very difficult for the tourism sector as well: due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of visitors, mainly from other continents, could not reach our area, causing huge financial losses to all the companies that work in this industry “. “However, we have seized the opportunities offered by this new scenario – continued Ferri -: the so-called “proximity tourism” or “slow tourism” is one of them, which led to a rediscovery of the area not only by those who live there, but also by tourists from other parts of Italy and those the European countries that can reach us by car “. “This has led to the need to systematize a new tourist offer that would strengthen the whole territory, even the lesser known villages, through all those elements that characterize it, from cultural elements to food and wine, thus creating a complete experience for “to really experience Tuscany,” Ferri concluded.

The summary «Travel notes. Tuscan stories between culture and food “ is a work by Tuscany showcasemade with his contribution Tuscany region And Unioncamere Tuscanywith his own Arezzo-Siena Chambers of Commerce, Maremma And Tyrrhenian, Pistoia-Prato and with his support Tuscan Tourism Promotion And Sistema Toscana Foundation.

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