Attico and Superhouse debut at Fuorisalone

It was an encounter both fortuitous and happy that gave life to one of his most interesting (and entertaining) exhibitions.latest edition of Milan Design Week, transformed into an opportunity for young designers to give a personal reinterpretation of the very traditional concept of the vase. That’s how it’s born The gallery, the temporary exhibition born from the collaboration of The Atticoa fashion brand founded by Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini, e Superhouse, the New York gallery of Stefanos Markos. The exhibition, which continues to make waves on social networks even several days after the end of Salone del Mobile 2022, was seen as ironic fun which without too many pretensions “mixes aesthetics, opinions, techniques and materials all different from each other to participate in an exhibition in full Super Group style”, the curator tells us.

In the heart of the Brera Design District, during FuoriSalone 2022, Attico and Superhouse brought an international community of young designers

Sean Davidson

fuorisalone 2022, the gallery, the loft, superhouse, vases

Top left: Savvas Laz, Lukas Milanak, Stefania Ruggiero. Below: The porcelain vase by Studio Enzo Zaj Lux and Isabel Rower

Sean Davidson

“I met Gilda and Giorgia quite unexpectedly at my gallery in New York as they were walking to a nearby boutique and came across the exhibition I was showing at the time,” Markos tells us. The attention of both designers and influencers was caught by Super Group 2, a revival of the first successful exhibition organized by Superhouse, which, paying homage to Italian Radical Design, brought together a selection of works from big names in contemporary design alongside new names which are beginning to in the international market. “After that meeting we kept in touch, deciding in the following months to do something similar for Milan Design Week by creating form of GALLERY“.

fuorisalone 2022, the gallery, the attic, superhouse, aaron blendowski

Below Martina Guandalini’s vase, above Aaron Blendowski’s works

Sean Davidson

fuorisalone 2022, the gallery, the loft, superhouse, set up

Top from left: Studio Teun Zwets, Malwina Kleparska, Tiantian Lou, Melly Lym. Bottom: Ellen Pong, Steven Bukowski, Studio Gert Wessels

Sean Davidson

For its Milanese edition, The Attico’s showcase curated by Marcos brought together in the heart of the Brera Design District 50 vases created by international creatives selected together with The Attico’s founders. The strength of the idea was therefore that it immediately presented itself as a meeting and exchange platform for designers from different latitudes and fields, being an opportunity for comparison (cultural and not only) during the intense days of the exhibition. “Ho contacted directly Some artists met in the past and in addition started an open call on Instagram which has gathered many subscriptions.” Then new members were added to the Super Group family, such as Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino and Luca Marullo, designers of Parasite 2.0who attended with custom bucket or the duo of TipStudio formed by Imma Matera and Tommaso Lucarini. The latter, who had already met in their debut in 2020 during the second edition of Edit Napoli, presented an aluminum vase made in the oven with the characteristic that distinguishes their production.

fuorisalone 2022, the gallery, the loft, superhouse, tipstudio

Above: Sean Gerstley, TipStudio, Olivier-Selim Boualam. Bottom: Emmily MacCloud, Charles-Antoine Chappuis

Sean Davidson

fuorisalone 2022, the gallery, the attic, superhouse, parasite 20

Eyes Emoji, Parasite 2.0

Sean Davidson

“Many of the participants created works specifically for the exhibition,” Stefanos Markos tells us, “and several chose to be inspired by The Attico’s collection.” This is the case of the Chilean designer Alberto Vitellio who created a double resin vase reminiscent of the fashion brand’s iconic pyramid heel. Next to his raid Duyi Hanthere are many designers who have decided to present vases whose work is reminiscent of textiles, such as his works UAU project And Sarah Roseman. Undoubtedly, the choice of materials and the pastel background stand out for the most daring stylistic exercises, such as “Doppio”, its spheres Hannah Bigeleisenits metalworking Aaron Blendowski and the interlocking “Hydra” vase from Nicholas Devlinrecently revised in its pink version on Gilda Ambrosio’s home coffee table.

fuorisalone 2022, the gallery, the loft, superhouse, textiles

From left: Fernanda Uribe-Horta, Sarah Roseman, Anna Aagaard Jensen.

Sean Davidson

fuorisalone 2022, the gallery, the attic, superhouse, alberto vitelio

Top from left: Olivia Vigo, Nancy Green, Robert Mateusz Marciniak, Nicholas Devlin, studio, Hannah Bigeleisen, Leo Maher. Bottom: Anna Aagaard Jensen, Alberto Vitelio, Sarah Burns, Ellen Pong, Steven Bukowski

Sean Davidson

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