“We must meet the challenges of the future”

04 July 2022 05:00

Valentina Pavan, General Manager of Sendabox, tells her story to Tgcom24 readers

Valentina, your life has been marked by a passion for sports.

Sports have always been a part of me, ever since I was little. When it comes to sports, I like to always have new, higher and higher goals and then do my best to achieve them, a bit like at work. As a child I was involved in athletics and running and had excellent results at regional level as well. later, in addition to passion, sports became a profession. When I started living alone, I actually supported myself by teaching various disciplines at gyms, especially spinning, which I still practice to keep in shape.

From sport to the world of work: how did it go?

I was lucky enough to start working in the 90s where the opportunities were many and where knowledge of languages ​​combined with ambition played an important role. In those years, marketing was in full bloom and this is where I started my career, covering all roles, right up to marketing direction. I have applied to my professional life the dedication and determination learned from playing sports: setting goals that are always a little higher, training, trying, sometimes failing, more often winning.

A path that has led you to take on roles of increasing responsibility.

There were many opportunities at that time, but it was still not easy for women to have a career. I had many good colleagues, but not all of them could count on insightful people, like those who saw in me something to bet on. The trust that those above us give us, in our abilities and in our work is fundamental to making a career, but ambition also plays a decisive role because it makes you grit your teeth, look at the finish line and endure better the fatigue. This is why I have always taken on challenges, accepting paths in which I myself had to build my role, the scope of activities and the goals to be achieved.

Work and family: difficult?

Everything was normal for me. For years I put aside the idea of ​​a family project so that I could devote myself to professional life. then one day something clicked, I felt the time was right and I had Davide, my son, who is now nineteen years old. A story I often tell is that when I was eight months pregnant I received a new job offer. It is important because it is clear that there are entrepreneurs and companies that do not see motherhood as a limit, but also because I myself accepted with enthusiasm, not at all afraid of the idea of ​​starting a new job as my private life was. becomes more demanding.. In any case, to reconcile work and family, family organization is fundamental and in my case the support and understanding of my husband was decisive in creating a peaceful and shared family atmosphere even in the burdens work. I don’t hide that I went through difficult times and a certain sense of guilt about my long professional days, but I am convinced that a good parent is one who feels complete as a person, regardless of the hours he spends at home. In any case, some sacrifices need to be made.

I know your desire for motherhood has extended to foster care.

So is. I wanted to give my son a brother or sister and we decided to go into foster care when Lorenzo was twelve, a very important and completely shared choice. We were lucky enough to be able to welcome Aliosha, a boy from Ukraine who came into our family and became a part of it, but without ever forgetting his family of origin and his land. In February this year he returned to Ukraine for his university studies and the war broke out a few days later, so he cannot go home at the moment because of the martial law that is still in place, which is of course a great concern. We can’t wait to be able to hug him again.

Generosity is another of your characteristics.

Helping someone who has a problem seems perfectly normal and right to me. I also believe, and I often tell my son too, that whoever has more should give, should do something for others.

I know that for a few years you have decided to take on another professional challenge.

I was invited by Federico Pozzi Chiesa, CEO of the ITLM Group, specialized in logistics and transport, to take care of Sendabox, a successful project. Founded in 2015 as a shipping comparison company, it has evolved to become the first digital logistics and online shipping platform in Italy, specializing in B2C and B2B shipment management with a particular focus on e-commerce. Today Sendabox is more than a unified reality, which is also evolving thanks to the exclusive agreement with DeliveryNow, to manage Last Mile deliveries. I entered 2020 when the pandemic broke out with the subsequent boom in e-commerce, sharing the goal of making Sendabox the first Italian e-logistics site. I must say that fifteen years of previous experience in one of the largest Italian shipping companies was essential to be able to accept this challenge. The role I hold today, namely General Manager, is also an important step in my career. On the other hand, I still haven’t lost the desire to raise the bar.

Women and career: what’s up?

More and more women are occupying top positions within companies and this should lead us to support each other by paying a little more attention to the female gender. We must make an extra effort to meet the challenges of the future, because many small steps make a difference: I hope to do my part.

Let’s talk about free time…

I like to play sports, and I also like to read and travel with my family. Then I love shopping, especially shopping together, because it relaxes and satisfies me and I often turn it into a collective moment. With my friends we are in another friend’s showroom and between conversations and clothes to try on we relax, forgetting problems and stress

Any advice for girls looking to pursue a career path?

You must be determined in the pursuit of your goal, without neglecting to listen to yourself within, because a career without personal satisfaction does not pay off in the long run. Too often we spend time doing what others want us to do, but instead it is important to do what we really want. I believe that the world is on the verge of a radical change: the organization of work, as well as the assignment of roles, tomorrow will not be what we have known until now, and we can already see the signs. I believe that everyone should face a new future with clarity, hope and a crazy amount of desire to get involved.

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