“Live to be 150?” No thanks! THE PROFESSOR. Memories and “healthy longevity”

His name is Ricordi, Prof. Camillo Ricordi, and he is the scion of the famous business family that founded the historic Italian record label of the same name. By trade, however, he is a doctor, researcher and teacher in the US, where he works on how to treat people with chronic diabetes and perfect the transplantation of “pancreatic onidia” (parts only, not the whole organ). Tg2 Rai at 1pm of July 1 dedicated to the last book of Prof. Do you remember a cult report, in which the journalist proclaimed that it is now possible to make people live up to 150 years without reducing them to vegetables (!). The book is titled “The Code of Healthy Longevity” and is published by Mondadori.

Francesco Bevilacqua with a farmer in Castel di Raione (Ph: Alessandro Mantuano)

Intrigued by the scholar’s confidence – and at 65 not really a teenager, since one would expect his methods to be applied first of all to himself – I did some searching on the Internet to find out more. I found everything from his amazing youth among the great musicians who recorded for the family brand, to his distinguished scientific career. But of the life-saving prescription for “healthy longevity” that should enable our seniors to cross their century of life, without being confined to home or nursing homes, to bed or wheelchairs, with an average of fifteen medications a day , surrounded by caregivers and nurses, to move from bed to armchair, from armchair to TV and from TV to bed, I have found almost nothing worth the headlines. Except for one clue from ours that would make my scientist friends devoted to the sacred official pharmacopoeia jump in their chairs: live a healthy life consisting of balanced diet, physical activity, spiritual curiosity, and avoiding chronic inflammation due to wrong food choices. That’s all. When I talk about my scientist friends, I’m referring to the ones who scoff at me when I try to say that vitamin C and vitamin D are important, that we shouldn’t ingest too much animal fat, that omega 3, etc. “Yes, yes, treat yourself to lemon juice… you’ll see what happens to you,” is the argument I usually hear addressed. You are an obscurantist, you have no faith in science.” But it is the professor himself. Remember that – as a scientist – in an interview with “Corriere della Sera” he states: “Children born today will live less than their parents [ma come, non ci avevate detto che le aspettative di vita sono enormemente aumentate? – n.d.r. -]. In the United States, more than 90 out of 100 patients over the age of 65 have at least one chronic degenerative disease, and 75 out of 100 have two. […] the scariest [fattore di rischio] it is chronic inflammation caused by the wrong diet. A silent killer. Several factors contribute to this: too much omega 6 and too little omega 3, bad and good polyunsaturated fatty acids. excess sugar; refined, highly processed foods. use of vegetable oils, less expensive than olive oil. In addition, protective factors such as polyphenols and sirtuin activators are reduced. [Si tratta di] proteins that decrease from the age of 35 and after 60 are produced little by the body, which leads to various deficiencies in the body. […] can be taken orally in the form of a food supplement based on pomegranate, blueberry and polytadine [dimenticavo: anche i melograni e i mirtilli stanno sulle scatole ai miei amici scientisti – n.d.r. -]. Calm down, then, the polemicists who hate lemon juice (and maybe garlic as a bowel cleanser, but which I detest because of the intolerable stench it gives to the breath and sweat: I was shocked at flower time, dating a person who swallowed a clove a day as a pill). If Prof. Ricordi is not boastful, “healthy longevity” is not in the hands of chemical drugs, but in lifestyle and many small natural remedies – already abundantly known to our peasant ancestors – which my anti-dark friends (apparently it is not a prescription that can apply to any disease). And the news coincides with what other friends tell me, especially botanists, who register an unusual interest of pharmaceutical companies in so many Calabrian wild plants that we Calabrians do not even know, indeed we are disgusted. It seems that an effort is underway to re-convert part of the pharmaceutical industry from chemistry to medicinal plants, not so much to cope with the prevailing “magical thinking” that the ineffable Prof. De Rita in a CENSIS survey of “absurd Italy” which I commented on for this paper, but rather because it was understood that spontaneous plants have no masters and that our scientists – struck by the path of shamanism – can secure the same famous and smoky extra profits about which these so much talked about dark times in multinational pharmaceutical companies. So what to do, 150 billion years old, on an overcrowded, overheated, polluted Earth, full of conflicts, wars and disasters, crowded into the cities by 40 million subjects, someone (especially those on the left) will have to explain to us. In any case I won’t buy his book. Remember: I don’t want to live to 150 at all. Not even to 100 or 90. I’m very curious: I want to see what the afterlife is like. or where shall I return to be born? or, if it goes wrong, if there really is nothing, as someone says … and, above all, if even in “nothing” we have to struggle every day to get by, despite rising inflation and genius interest rate hikes .

* Lawyer and author

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