IBM thinkMagazine – IBM’s Customer Innovation Center in Bari is growing with new skills and projects fueling digital transformation in the country

IBM has been present in Bari since 1959, creating complex and strategic digital transformation applications across all industry sectors for public and private companies. Its clients have decided to adopt new technologies to digitize and make business processes more efficient, supporting strategic and operational decisions. In addition, thanks to a strong synergy with IBM’s international research and development laboratories and an extensive network of universities and research centers, the Barry center has been a protagonist in recent years in the most innovative technological and development areas, such as big data. analytics, internet of things, cloud, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

At the end of 2019, IBM also opened a branch of the Client Innovation Center in Bari, a group company that creates innovative solutions for IBM clients and is an integral part of IBM Consulting, with a network of more than a hundred offices around the world . A large network that also aims to encourage the training of new professionals and skills in emerging and innovative technologies in which companies from all industries are investing. The purpose of this new opening is to further expand the human capital put at the service of the modernization of the country, focusing on the excellence offered by the city and thanks to the university centers of excellence.

“Digital and green transformations – he claims Gianni Margutti, Managing Partner of IBM Consulting Italy They are the fundamental drivers to accompany the country towards a sustainable economic and social recovery, as already demonstrated to a great extent by the PNRR system. Never forgetting the strategic importance of human capital and the professional skills needed to drive innovation to benefit all and not just the few. Faced with these challenges, IBM is ready to do its part by continuing to invest in the capital of Puglia to fuel the modernization our country needs.”.

The choice of Bari was made to strengthen a region, like Puglia, with high potential, because it consists of a top quality education offer (Polytechnics, Universities and Technical Institutes) and the presence of companies belonging to industrial sectors traditionally dedicated to innovation . , such as agri-food, aerospace and manufacturing.

“This initiative – supports Luca Naccarato, IBM Client Innovation Center Leader Italyis part of the development programs carried out by IBM in the restart process initiated by the Region of Puglia. And it is a virtuous and concrete example of cooperation, involving institutions, local businesses, universities and the younger generations to promote innovation and the development of young professionals incorporating exponential technologies that are now necessary to be competitive in a global scenario.”.

BarryThanks to this initiative, in the last two years IBM Client Innovation Center it “brought home” already mature professionals who had chosen other places in Italy or abroad to practice their profession. And it has welcomed new talent, hiring hundreds of people in the Puglia office alone in the last eighteen months.

The IBM Client Innovation Center has also brought projects from important companies and institutions across the country to Puglia: from large banks to telecommunications companies, to players in energy, transport, mobility, Public Administration and large retailers. These activities make it possible to make Puglia and Bari an integral part of the development of technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud, blockchain, 5G and IoT. but also experimentation in quantum computing and topics such as the metaverse, which represent the next technological frontier.

In addition, the productive fabric of Puglia, made up of medium and small IT companies and innovative start-ups, has been and is a further boost to IBM’s investments, which can also find important partnerships capable of accelerating the development process in the region. Thanks to the creation of an ecosystem of partners, Puglia thus becomes a national innovation laboratory.

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July 6, 2022

Paola Piacentini
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