SECRETED AT THE HOUSE IN AVELINO / “Between mother and mother-in-law, the father had to report”

His case 21-year-old isolated for years by her mother in Aiello del Sabatoin the province of Avellino this morning during the Canale 5 program, Morning 5. The cameras of the talk show of the fifth channel interviewed her Della Sala City Councilor, who had his opinion on the story, starting from yesterday’s “silence” of the Municipality at the entrance of the same Mattino5 in the building: “Compared to what happened yesterday, I understand the embarrassment of the cameras, Aiello del Saturday, but I have to welcome Everyone. I can say that the social workers are present in the Municipality on Tuesdays and Thursdays, was that enough to say? Yes, I agree. “Again:” What idea came to me about the story? There was some flaw and also some responsibility but the judiciary is conducting investigations and I hope the harshest sentences are paid. The family revolves around a system – continued consultant Della Sala – and we need to understand what went wrong and what we can work on. We convened an extraordinary council on social policies to understand the situation of all the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of all communities “. He also spoke about the issue the mayor of Aiello del Sabato, who in an interview recorded yesterday on Mattino5, broadcast today, explained: “There is maximum availability and fullness in saying things and also paying attention if there is something that did not work and what we should always improve more, after that There has never been any reference or any resemblance… what we read in the newspapers today, I do not think are things that a man can imagine, when we saw the brothers in the village, in the bar, in the park, who frequented friends … were there any comments about the girl? We must say that if anyone knew even today it is time to put a hand, to report. “If today we want to make every sacrifice to find the culprit or to feed the gossip … if I go to school with a broken arm and say that I fell on my bike, we can not imagine that the child has used violence in the family”. .

Today, the mayor was interviewed again, but he was quite busy: “There is an ongoing investigation, respect those who conduct investigations, the carabinieri and the judges. I respect your work, you mine, I have given many interviews. it ‘s office hours, we’re meeting other people, so please… “. Finally, important cousin’s statements, who spoke about the mother-in-law’s disagreements with the woman who would divorce the girl at home for years: “I only know that the mother-in-law did not want to give birth every year, that could be the reason for the disagreement. He said he wanted to do what he wanted. Responsibility of the institutions? I blame the social worker more than the teachers, they knew the situation of the family and they had to understand, they had to investigate. He has 7/8 children, he needs help and instead they did not care: I can go there because I do not go home? “. For father and brothers: “They should have reported it, albeit anonymously, but can you see your daughter being abused like that? “They could have saved her much earlier.” Concluding the report, Mattino5’s envoy noted the arrival of the carabinieri in the Municipality of Aiello del Sabato“It’s probably here for us,” he said. “However, they have not sent us yet, we are still there,” comments Federica Panicucci. (briefing by Davide Giancristofaro)


In “Storie Italiane”, Rai Uno broadcast by Eleonora Daniele and broadcast today Thursday 12 May 2022, we came back to talk about 21 year old divorced at home for three years at his home in Aiello del Sabato (Avellino) at the will of the mother. Specifically, the testimony of Clara, her former classmate, was broadcast, who stated: “I did not imagine that a girl my age was tied to a bed, I would be the first to warn those in charge if I knew. Having been social workers and knowing that the situation had been rectified, we were not worried. I saw her in the eighth grade: she was thin, tiny, she did not talk to anyone “.

It’s still: “He came home immediately after the last bell of the day. He was lonely and silent. She has been mocked so many times for her own hygiene conditions, but as a child you can not imagine that such a thing could happen in a small reality like Aiello. I never saw her even at village parties … At school we did not talk about her: we only talked about the fact that she did not come to class with proper hygiene conditions, they called her ‘stinky’. The teachers were not interested, maybe they should have done it “.


Referring to the story of the 21-year-old divorcee at home, Carmine De Blasio, director of the social services consortium, told “Storie Italiane”: “There were a lot of children in that house and when we entered everything that could be done, even from a psychological point of view. At the moment we hear a thousand voices: there are those who say that everything was already known, but I would be wise in this regard. That there were reports from school, I am not able to confirm it. If there has been, the right type of intervention has certainly been guaranteed. “.

THE social services “They followed the story of the minor, but there were never any signs of abuse or mistreatment. It was a failure, of course. Whenever there is an attempt to remove a minor, it is always a failure. The presence of social services did not highlight such elements “..


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