“Let us join forces against fraud”

“Let us join forces against fraud”

The municipal administration of Cassano Magnago intends to promote a campaign to prevent and identify incidents of fraud and deception. Online, by phone or in person: with the increase in the number of available channels, the episodes of fraud against citizens and especially the elderly increase.

Here are some important tips to follow to avoid fraud and notify law enforcement immediately if you need to.


To try to deceive us, a scammer can:

Pretend you are a technician who came to repair water, gas, pretend to be a municipal water utility, a municipal employee who asks you to put valuables in the fridge or freezer or oven because they can get infected, people who can wear bibs or uniforms similar to those used by the police;
• Contact us in the intercom to ask for money, for example pretending the false accident of an acquaintance.
• Offer us direct donations to charities or religious organizations.
• Request payment from us to receive a postal package.
• They impersonate an old acquaintance or friend of a relative who is looking for an excuse to invite him to their home.
• Observe us during a withdrawal from the ATM and then pretend to be a banker or postman who wants to check the amount we have withdrawn.

What can we do?

• We always verify the identity of the person by contacting the entity to which he claims to belong.
• We never release cash, but ask for details so we can make remittances or use other payment methods.
• Remember that institutions, banks or insurance companies will never ask for door-to-door payments; let us not trust fake officials!
• We do not give money to anyone.
• If possible, always credit the pension to our bank account.


To try to deceive us, a scammer can:

• Pretend you are a call center operator, gas supplier or similar who contacts us to suggest a change of provider.
• Send us a message from an unknown number pretending to be known to us who, in a state of financial need, asks us for small sums of money or basic necessities.
• Send us an email using complete email addresses of acquaintances, banks and service providers, requesting our personal information or sending us dangerous links.
Pretending to be an online seller of goods and / or services offering us unsecured payment methods for our purchases.

And what can we do?

• When we receive calls with suggestions for new services, subscriptions, etc. We never answer “Yes” to any question: our answer could be recorded and used later to sign contracts that were not made known to us. Use synonyms such as “certain”, “exact”, etc. can help us escape these scams!
• We are always wary of requests for money coming to us via text messages, emails or calls from third parties and, if we receive requests for help from people who pretend to be friends or relatives in difficulty, we try to be afraid and, before acting, contact that person to make sure he is safe.
• Avoid responding to suspicious emails and clicking on links from unknown addresses or numbers: they may be attempts to steal information and personal data!
• We always check the credibility of the website we browse and the seller we deal with to complete our purchases.
• If we have any doubt that we have fallen victim to telephone and / or online fraud, we immediately block our credit and debit cards and change our passwords.

Never provide personal data to strangers, copies of documents as they could be used to commit fraud against you.

Useful numbers: 112 (Single European emergency number)

Cassano Magnago Local Police 0331/280809

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