Pixel 7, watch and glasses: what Google has introduced

For most of its existence, Google was regarded as his company software and services. It’s the company that millions of people rely on for research, emails and documents. But if its presentation Google I / O He told us something yesterday, is that the American giant really wants to secure a position of prestige in the field of hardware. And in this line come the announcements of new smartphones, smartwatches and accessories such as headphones, which ensure that the Big G will diversify the offer, keeping pace with competitors such as Apple and Samsung.

The company announced the Pixel 6a and successors Pixel 7 And Pixel 7 Pro. Never has a company presented two different generations of phones on the same occasion. The first will arrive in July in selected markets, such as Italy, the second in the fall, with a few aesthetic innovations and more in specs, including improved cameras and Android 13. The device has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. The Tensor chip promises features such as live subtitles and Live translation. Google is also talking about better battery life, stating that it will offer over 24 hours of regular use and “up to 72 hours” with the Extreme Battery Saver feature.

Android 13, the operating system that exists in about 80% of active smartphones in the world, will undergo minor changes, in order to facilitate the navigation of menu items. Then there are some other details, such as the ability to customize the colors of a larger portion of the interface and animated widgets.

The Pixel watch

One of the main expectations of yesterday was about Pixel watch. The first connected watch from Google will not arrive until the fall (along with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro), but at least we have the confirmation of shapes and features, including the presence of Wear OS 3, the proper system that Google works with. Samsung and adjustable straps. Other features include close integration Fitbit to monitor health statistics, including watch faces with visible information and SOS emergency alerts. The latter is a feature that can automatically contact emergency services after an accident. Unknown price, as well as the markets that will receive it.

Pixel Buds Pro

Google’s response to Apple AirPods Pro it is said Pixel Buds Pro. The headphones ultimately add noise cancellation to Google’s headphone range thanks to an internally designed chip, which also enables an option called “Silent Seal” to improve sound insulation. Accessories also offer multiple connectivity for fast switching between devices and enhanced beam configuration microphones that use artificial intelligence to suppress noise. The Pixel Buds Pro will be available for pre-order from July 21 $ 199including Italy.

A Pixel tablet in 2023

Leaving the 2019 tablet business, Google will return to its world Tablet in 2023. It will do so with a tablet that does not yet have a name: we only know that it will be powered by Google Tensor and who will execute Androidinstead of Chrome OS as dead Pixel Slate. That said, we’ve heard rumors that Google is working on a Nest Hub, a successor to existing detachable screen speakers, and this tablet may have some similar design elements.

AR glasses

At the bottom of the event, the surprise. Nothing official or like a real product, but the Big G finally decided to go further Google Glass, with a new generation model. The CEO Sudar Pihai closed the talk show with some of the technologies that Google has in store for the future, such as its glasses augmented reality.

Appearing in original form, they have been built with the main purpose of offering a live translation, at least as can be seen from yesterday’s short presentation. Pichai said that Google has “a long way to go” until the glasses are released to the public, but it is still an important revelation. Since the company left Glass and Cardboard, he seemed to have almost given up on such experiences. Fortunately for us this is not the case.

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