Why take out travel insurance? We asked the consultants Suriano Assicurazioni Varese

Finally, after two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, it is possible to return to move, to travel to non-Italian locations. The prospect of relaxing vacations prompts us to organize a trip, perhaps to some exotic location, or to visit a foreign country.

In these cases we think about booking the hotel, the means of transport and organizing an itinerary, while too often we forget that the unexpected is lurking around the corner.

A lost luggage, an accident in a far away country or a simple car breakdown. It doesn’t take much to ruin the magic of a dream vacation.

His advisers Suriano Insurance Varese they explained to us Whywhen planning a trip, be it for vacation, study or work, It is important to take out a multi-peril travel insurance policy.

Suriano Assicurazioni can offer a specific travel product, Gulliver Pocket, dedicated to those who want to travel safely, with the guarantee of subscribing to a policy based on their needs. The offer is coming it is also configured according to the type of trip and the destinationto adapt it to the rules in force in that country.

You may need to consult a doctor, replace lost clothes with luggage, buy certain medicines, repeat a document, recover the broken car.

With Gulliver Pocket it is it is possible to reimburse medical or legal expenses, expert advice or an interpreter, advance payment of essential items.

Therefore, the first coverage provided for in the contract is his reimbursement of medical expenses after an accident or illness and this includes visits, examinations and hospitalization, even in private facilities, since we often holiday in countries where public health differs from the Italian health service and we may need to turn to private facilities.

The travel coverage of Italiana Assicurazioni – Suriano Assicurazioni provides for a real package of traveler serviceswhich allow you to leave in peace and enjoy the journey in total peace of mind, aware that you are not alone but have constant support:

  • a telephone number available 24 hours a day for assistance, medical advice, information on health facilities;
  • reporting of corresponding drugs abroad, shipment of drugs abroad.
  • an interpreter present on site to deal with difficulties related to the foreign language;
  • advance payment of medical expenses up to 2600 euros.
  • early return if something happens and I find myself having to return urgently.
  • medical return;
  • funeral return;
  • translation of medical records.

Policies are dedicated to travelersh Students that i am on an educational trip abroad but also to employees on business tripsfor full coverage.

In addition to all personal services, there are other services that can be included in the policy, such as compensation in case of lost luggage and refund of the fine in case of cancellation of the trip.

Finally, regarding the matter of Covid, if during a trip, upon presentation of a certificate from the attending physician, he was forced to extend the stay beyond the scheduled return date, the Company’s Operations Center will arrange the hotel reservation. accommodation, with a maximum value of 520 euros, to cover the cost of room and breakfast, with the need to present a medical certificate on site from the attending physician certifying the pathological condition within 30 days at the latest (excluding any preventive quarantines).

For more information and to ask for advice, you can call the Suriano agency.

Before registering, please read the set of information available at the agency and on the website www.italiana.it

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