When the journey begins on social media

Now that market signals are looking encouraging, many are praising the desire to start traveling again, but it is a they want travel agents – at least those who are more used to social channels – started farming two years ago, when travel was banned and they let their customers travel thanks to the imagination and experience they had gained in the destinations.

From a study by Deloitte it emerged that the use of digital tools has changed since the outbreak of the pandemic, both of which are used to interact with customers (48% of SMEs covered by the study mentioned this), both for marketing activities and attracting new customers (43%) but also for attracting new customers and enhancing brand awareness. Now that the forced hiatus is coming to an end, and the hospitality industry is starting to flourish again in Italy and abroad, asked Meta world (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram) the travel agencies and in the most “digital” travel communities a testimony of their experience.

The case of Exotic Adventures

Fabiana Raffani she has been a travel agent for almost twenty years, she started very young with a great desire to learn this profession, chasing the dream of traveling the world. In 2010 she invested all the money from her wedding gifts to open a small travel agency in just 20 square meters of space, all by herself, starting with the basics: European capitals, weekends in Italy, plane tickets. Until 2015, when she decided she wanted to show the world to all the people who knew her. At that time there were no “social” travel agencies and even travel bloggers, there was no one going on a trip to tell the destination through narrated videos. Japan was the trip that launched her on social media in this sense and from there Exotic Adventures has become a national benchmark for many destinations. Its turnover, thanks to social showcases, has become six zeros. Today it has 5 employees and has decided to do the “hard” things, specializing in the Pacific Islands and specialized travel to unique and remote destinations. “Without Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp I wouldn’t be the agency I am today – says -. I owe it all to Facebook and the last 2 years and Instagram. Thanks to these tools we manage to sell in Germany, England, Switzerlandas well as in all parts of Italy, from Lipari to Val d’Aosta, trips worth 40,000 euros. Globalizing sales also allowed me to carry the products I liked the most and they gave me more satisfaction, without sticking to a local reality where I could never sell some destinations. During the last year, WhatsApp was forward thinking in communication with the customer, because thanks to this we create that friendly and direct relationship that allows us to close sales faster. Personally, I can’t wait to land in the metaverse.” In 2022, the most requested destinations in absolute numbers according to Raffani’s experience were United States and Maldives.

Luxury with Italy Customized

Italy Customized, born in 2013 from the meeting of Alberto Bassilichi and Linda Sorgiovanni, is a travel agency and tour operator located in its historic center Florence specialized intravel arrangements and luxury experiences, mainly for international customers and throughout the Italian territory. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, Alberto and Lidia show their daily activity through photos, videos and direct. Working primarily with international travelers (especially from the United States), it is essential to give them as much certainty as possible about who will be organizing their Italy tour. “Whatsapp takes on a more direct role when the customer is in the area to send and receive immediate information – they comment – and is a useful tool for canceling distances and providing immediate support. What are your favorite destinations this summer? On the podium Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Rome. Also there Sequins and the sea are of increasing interest to him.”

Want to cruise with Lastminuteclick

Founded in 2005 to distribute online vacation and cruise packages, Click at the last minute has focused on a number of advantages in terms of service and assistance and today there are more than 450,000 customers who have chosen to entrust their vacation planning to it. Numbers that allowed the company to consolidate relations with Italian and foreign tour operators. The growth of the company, both at the level of turnover and at the level of optimizing communication with customers, could not fail to pass through the main social channels. “In 2018 we started using chatbots on Messenger, both for providing assistance in real time and for promoting offers and content – states the company -. Obviously, social media is also used in a traditional way to promote content and generate leads.” The most popular destinations for 2022? For Lastminuteclick it is red seawith Sharm El Sheikh where is the master

Women’s street tour

MissBiker is a community born on social media to support women who want to try their hand at traveling in the saddle. At 37, Lisa Cavali opened a community on Facebook where she wanted to gather all female riders who needed advice, support, comparison, inspiration, both beginners and experts, regardless of age, type of bike or background. “And so – he explains – without expecting it, the number has increased dramatically until I realized that the centaurs needed a point of reference but also to recognize themselves in a single movement that could change the status quo.” She left a secure job to open her TIN and almost without realizing it, she became a motorcycle and clothing tester, a blogger, a brand ambassador and began to represent a niche of enthusiasts who now represent about 11% of motorcyclists. Italy. Thanks to community (the main one has over 10,200 women and is one of the most important and influential in the world) he was able to get in touch with many women. Interactions are high, reaching 82% of monthly active users. There Facebook page it is equally important and is a kind of porthole that allows everyone to peek into their world and communicate. Also to Instagram the girls are the protagonists. WhatsApp used for meetings in various local groups, organizing meetings, coordinating the group, advertising articles or itineraries. According to a recent community survey, the most popular destination for motorcyclists for their summer holidays is Trentino Alto Adigefollowed by Tuscany, Veneto, Abruzzo And Friuli Venezia Giulia. As for foreign countries, the France is very popular, followed by Austria And Slovenia.

Meta’s numbers

All applications in the group matter 3.64 billion people actively use them every month (data from the first quarter of ’22) and 2.87 billion use one or more of the group’s applications every day. As for Facebook, of the 34 million people who access the platform every month in Italy, 97% of users do it from mobile (fourth quarter ’21 data)

On Instagram Of interest is company profiles listed as “women-owned”, which have increased by more than 20% since November. Wheels have become fundamental and account for 20% of time spent on Instagram (Q1 ’22)

The WhatsApp Business app now has 50 million users and growing rapidly. There are 8 million company listings available on the platform.

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