At Forte Village even taste goes on the road

21 restaurants and 18 bars, 500 thousand meals served, 12 thousand bottles leaf out more than 5 thousand bubbles per season. These are the numbers of Forte Village, an award-winning accommodation in Sardinia 22 times as the best in the world.

We are in the south of Sardinia, a kind of destination within a destination, the absolute reign of Heinz Beck, Rocco Iannone, Massimiliano Mascia, Andrea Berton and for the summer of 2022 Brian Boysenundisputed king of the art of barbecue (opening photo), Peppe Cutraro, best Pizzaiolo in Europe 2022 and the return to the Belvedere by Antonello Arrus.

Exclusive interpreters of aromas and flavors of “distant” or “zero kilometer” culinary traditions, this and more, the flower bed of stellati who choose Il Forte every year, bringing their creative developments to Sardinia that make every dish a real sensory experience.

A single woman is responsible for the care of the wines: Sophia Card, a sommelier who never tires of setting up a wet showcase of Sardinia to the world. First head of the Wine Bar, since last year he takes care of the selection of labels for the entire resort.

Her kingdom is the Cellar, of which she is particularly proud and where, upon request, it is possible to organize special nights which become a kind of extension of any restaurant in the resort and from where a relay on a bicycle retrieves the most valuable wines that Sofia has chosen for the various parties. Just enough time to take the aperitif and if necessary put the bottle in the blast chiller.

Forte Village’s microcosm of food and wine – in which, in addition to the starry, we find from Sardinia, to Brazilian, to sushi, passing through the international classic – it could not exist without the leadership figure of the executive chef Paolo Simioni: veteran chef, from whom to steal all the jokes and urban legends of the 56 seasons that see him active in this universe.

After an international apprenticeship and a Michelin star in unsuspecting moments, he manages to balance the more than 500,000 meals prepared daily at the resort with the military rigor of an aircraft carrier. Protect local producers and fruit producers (both land and fish) of the Mediterranean and of this strip of Sardinia, leaving independence to the identity of each place, weaving direct relationships with local fishermen, as well as tending two private gardens and a butcher shop with custom measurements, satisfying all the needs of his cooks. .

Dario Seki

Considering the current season’s news, there couldn’t be a greater contrast between the south of Sardinia and the north where it hails from Brian Boysen (photo above). In fact the philosophy of this chef, called “The Danish Adventurer”it perfectly marries the principles of sustainability and care with excellent raw materials that have always distinguished Forte’s cuisine.

He is with one unconditional respect for nature and all its elements, that Brian explores remote areas and uses his surroundings in his creative and sometimes extreme vision of cooking, fishing and hunting. The “Crazy Dane”, as the Germans call him, started out as a surfer and photographer. He has always been a traveler, but his goal was when he discovered his talent in cooking, leading him to further refine his cooking style. raw and fresh Scandinavian cuisineand the opening of Brian’s Steak & Lobster restaurant in Hamburg.

Forte Bay will be the home of the king of BBQ, where Brian will bring a hint of his Scandinavian style: natural wood combined with leather inserts and references to the world of land and sea explorers. With an impressive exposed grille and the use of aromatic Mediterranean woods, for a perfect union between Sardinian fògu art and Scandinavian contrasts.

restaurant-belvedereForte village

At Belvedere (pictured above), a majestic terrace suspended between the sky and the Mediterranean pines of Villa del Parco, returns Antonello Arrus, Sardinian DOC, which offers traditional Sardinian and Italian dishes revisited with imaginative twists. He says he discovered his passion for cooking by observing the simplicity with which his mother prepared true masterpieces using strictly fresh produce from his region. The experiences abroad are what have convinced him even more of this no cuisine can be more passionate than Italian, able to translate the freshest ingredients into wonderful compositions. With the taste of wild fennel and orange and lemon peel, for example, raw seafood is enriched with unforgettable tones. On the other hand, saffron with its aroma can brighten the fillet of rock capone as well as vegetables picked directly from the garden adorn risottos. Two dishes are absolutely not to be missed: the ricotta tortellini with potato cream and the shrimp and clam pan with red basil.

Finally, always among the new entries, for those who wish to eat the best pizza in Europe, the correct address in Forte Village is from Pepe Koutraro. 33 years of which at least 18 years of work, his Casa di Peppe at Rue Saint-Jacques 222 in Paris, won this year the award for best pizzeria in Europe.

The culinary journey in the Forte Village restaurants continues at the Forte Bay Terrace, with perhaps one of the most exciting views of the resort, where freshness, naturalness and freedom, combining some elements in an innovative way, are its three keywords Andrea Burtonwho does not fail to revisit, using the precious raw materials of Sardinia, some of the most representative dishes of the Berton restaurant in Milan – including the broth, refined as a true dish and the maximum composition of the main ingredient of each dish – and the proposal of a new dish, based on fish and products of zero kilometers.

heinz-beckForte village

A pass is also required to the Beachcomber restaurant at Heinz Beck (pictured above), another of the resort’s most spectacular locations, redesigned down to the last detail to match the style of one of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. Light suggestions for lunch, gourmet for dinner, follow his tune cooking skillexpression of the soul of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, often encountering styles from distant lands or allowing themselves to be tempted by complex processes that translate into pure taste simplicity for the palate.

Dine, at least once, at San Domenico Terraceonly 15 tables almost pieds dans l’eau, necessary. Here, Chef Masiaflanked by some of the brigade hailing from Imola’s kitchen, it offers some great San Domenico classics like egg in Raviolo San Domenico with sweet parmesan malga butter and seasonal truffles.

Rocco Iannone, on the other hand, with his unmistakable Neapolitan talent, leads the Forte Gourmet restaurant overlooking the magnificent Oasis pool, defending tradition and simple sword cooking procedures, without any possible compromises. Counterrend, one of his famous phrases is this aesthetics do not go hand in hand with goodness: “A good dish cannot be beautiful!”. It is undoubtedly difficult to repeat its identity: two 1-star Michelin restaurants, two 2-star and two 3-star Michelin.

With them the leading chefs of the now traditional date with Famous chefs (from July 25 to August 30), from Alessandro Breda to Franck Reynaud, from Giuseppe Mancino to Sandro Serva and Theodor Falser. Being enchanted by an evening under the stars accompanied by their tastings is inevitable.

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