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MILAN (ITALPRESS) – DS Automobiles’ journey into the future continues with the new DS7, presented at the futuristic Step FuturAbility District in piazza Olivetti. The new DS brand car has three distinguishing marks: innovative technology, interior refinement and the first 100% DS Automobile design. “Our role is to be the vanguard of the Stellantis Group, all innovations start here, from engine electrification to interior design – said Eugenio Franzetti, CEO of the DS brand in Italy -. We are a new brand, with a clear position in the Premium market and focused on technological innovation and pioneering design. We want to bring French-style luxury to the automotive world, interpreting the pleasure of travel, which should be a positive experience.”
The new DS 7 represents the highest expression of the French art of travel, consisting of refinement, noble materials on board, finishes inspired by French luxury and new technology. Like the major Parisian fashion houses, DS Automobiles pays particular attention to the selection of materials and their processing in order to create environments that make every journey unique. “In an industrial world, we are able to get some hand-made parts, for example, with the wood used in our dashboards or the leather used in the upholstery of the seats, interior and steering wheels – stressed Franzetti -. Countering craftsmanship is high technology, which should support people: not with complex tools, but rather in the service of a journey that is comfortable. For DS “technology means, in reality, driving support, safety, comfort”. The new model range is available in five trim levels (Bastille Business, Rivoli, Opèra and Performance Line), Limited Edition and three plug-in hybrid engines of 225, 300 and 360 HP, as well as a 130 HP diesel. The engine range includes thermal and electric motors, including three E-Tense plug-in hybrids with outputs of 225, 300 and 360 hp. Six grades are available – Lacquered Grey, Sapphire Blue, Pearl White, Pearl Black, Platinum Gray and Pearl Crystal – while alloy wheels range from 18 to 20 inches with Class A tires across the range. On the purchasing front, thanks to state incentives and the contribution of the brand, it is possible to get behind the wheel of the new DS 7 with a monthly payment of 300 euros, choosing between the BlueHDi 130 Diesel engine or the E-tense 225 plug-in hybrid .
The press conference was also an opportunity for DS Automobiles to explain its vision for the future to the press.
“DS Automobiles is accelerating towards the green transition: from 2024, in fact, every new product of the brand will be 100% electric. DS Automobiles is an innovative and forward-thinking brand, able to skillfully combine an elegant style with the most advanced technology,” explained Franzetti.
Since its launch in 2014, the brand has placed electrification at the heart of its strategy, so much so that just five years later it introduced a fully electrified range. In 2020 it was the multi-energy brand with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe. The electrification strategy was an immediate success, as demonstrated by the first half of 2022. DS Automobiles actually achieved a 31% increase compared to the same period in 2021, thus gaining a market share of 2.55% premium. These numbers are even more significant if we take into account the large drop in the national market (-25%). “We are very proud of the results achieved so far, a tangible sign of strong growth for DS Automobiles, with the range already fully electrified and an authentic mobility manifesto – underlined the director -. Technological innovation is one of the pillars on which our success rests and which allows us to look to the future with increasing confidence and ambition. DS cars are designed for customers looking for personal expression and passionate about new technologies. All this is clearly visible in the New DS 7, the new model that combines bold style, the most advanced technologies and unrivaled comfort.”
Among the pillars of DS Automobiles is a multi-channel distribution network, which optimizes the various sales channels in the best possible way.
The customer is at the center of the shopping experience, which is further complemented by the extensive network of exclusive services on offer, such as the ‘Only You’ programme, through which customers can enjoy premium experiences and benefit from exclusive services. “It is a care program – underlines Franzetti – to have the opportunity to participate in special events, such as visits to the Louvre only for our customers or to have special services, related, for example, to the maintenance of machines.”
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