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Let’s face it: having one of the best portable chargers is the perfect solution for any eventuality, especially for those who travel a lot and always find themselves with a dead phone.

These small devices are actually capable of powering anything from smartphones to tablets, laptops and game consoles. However, they are mainly intended for multimedia and communication devices.

Consequently, it is good to try to use them purely with smartphones and tablets, to always keep them effective and last for a long time. But the real problem is one: how do you choose the best portable charger? What are the aspects to consider?

Let’s see it now!

Things to consider when choosing a portable charger

Choosing a portable charger involves evaluating some important factors that, when choosing, can make a difference. On the other hand, it would not make much sense to choose blindly and then not be satisfied with the product purchased.

So let’s see what are the most important criteria to analyze in order to choose the best powerbank for your needs.


Capacity is the most important point of a powerbank, as it allows you to determine the number of recharges that can be performed on each device. This is measured in milliampere hours (mAh) and must be taken into account based on the battery capacity of the device to be recharged.

If you have a 6000 mAh mobile phone, for example, it would not be convenient to have a power bank of only 5000 mAh, as you would barely be able to recharge. Fortunately though, portable chargers come in a variety of models ranging from as little as 3000 mAh to well over 20,000 mAh.

Considering the technological progress of the last generation of smartphones, a tip might be to move towards power banks with at least 10,000 mAh to not have charging problems and to be able to run more than one in a row.

With a 20,000 mAh, for example, about 5 spares are calculated for a mid-range smartphone.

Dimensions and weight

It wouldn’t be very functional to have a powerful portable charger if the latter is not easy to store in your bag or on a small shoulder strap. Consequently, it’s a good idea to consider both the weight and dimensions of the device so you don’t end up with a product that’s too bulky to store.

Of course, size can affect capacity, as it’s very hard to find an ultra-compact 20,000mAh model, but there are alternatives that make you give up a bit of capacity in exchange for ultra-slim designs.

These often have a capacity of 15,000 mAh and can easily be stored in a pocket.

Aesthetic design

Along with the size, you should also consider the design of the product, as some particularly cute shapes can turn out to be strange when it comes time to take the portable charger with you on the go.

Therefore, avoid getting too exaggerated models, as an ambiguous shape could leave you unsatisfied. The best powerbanks are definitely the square or rectangular ones, reminiscent of the shapes of a smartphone.

What are the best portable chargers?

To find the best portable chargers, we relied on, a price comparator that can show the most popular products of a certain category. The listings are always up to date so you can be sure to find quality and trendy products.

Let’s take a look at the 3 best models.

1. Krisdonia 64000mAh PD Powerbank – The best for smartphones and computers

We said that capacity is crucial for a portable charger, and what better solution than a 64,000 mAh power bank like the Krisdonia? It is a model designed mainly for computers and laptops, but it can also work with smartphones and tablets.

With this product, although much more expensive than a classic portable charger, you can connect a computer and charge it without problems, without worrying about the remaining energy. In fact, after a charge with a Dell XPS 13, for example, it is estimated that the power bank will only drop by 35%, thus allowing 3 full recharges without problems.

This is ideal if you forget your original computer charger while on the go.

2. QTshine 36800mAh – Excellent value for money

Those who want to ensure high capacity at a good price cannot fail to choose QTshine, a compact yet highly efficient portable charger. The capacity reaches 36,800 mAh, so you can charge a smartphone several times in a row without problems.

There are three outputs, including Type-C, and up to 3 mobile phones can be charged at the same time. In terms of compatibility, however, both Android devices such as Samsung and Huawei and Apple devices such as the iPhone 11, 12 and 13 can be connected for great flexibility.

As for the dimensions, the design is rather compact so that it can be stored in your pocket like a normal mobile phone.

3. INIU Powerbank – The cheapest

The INIU powerbank, in addition to being economical, stands out for being comparable to higher-end models, starting with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, which is excellent for basic smartphones. In fact, you can do 2-3 recharges without problems, using the included USB C cable.

Also included is a very handy travel case to store it without damaging it, complete with 3 years technical support directly with the company. We are talking about a quite compatible device, as it works not only with smartphones and tablets, but also with smaller products such as airpods and wireless headphones.

In short, for negligible costs it is possible to take home a product that is not only of quality, but will last a long time.


We have seen how relying on sites of the caliber of it is possible to choose in no time excellent products from reliable sites such as Amazon. The difference is that instead of searching for hours and hours comparing thousands of similar products to each other, you already have an initial skimming that allows you to see only the most popular models.

Apart from saving time, therefore, you are guaranteed to buy efficient devices at the cheapest price in the market.

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