IBM thinkMagazine – IBM TECHALLENGE22: Analytics Network and HRCOFFEE are the first two winners of the competition between IBM Business Partners

Analytics Network and HRCOFFEE are the two winners of the 1st of three rounds of IBM TECHALLENGE22 and they win Study for two people lasting 8 days, at three IBM Research Labs in the United States in the spring of 2023.

IBM TECHALLENGE22 is the new edition of the IBM Italia Awards competition, designed to recognize the work of Business Partners who have created innovative solutions aligned with 5 strategic themes of technological transformation, divided into two macroeconomic sectors: “Modernization and Infrastructure” and ” Prediction .Security and Automation’.

Analytics Network won the award thanks to Super carethe application of Artificial Intelligence in its service customer service.
Hypercare is an “application, enabled by IBM Cloud Pak for Data, that improves customer service activities by governing and automating the entire process.
This application quickly and automatically interprets a huge amount of text data (emails, notes, tickets, reports, documents, surveys …), extracting accurate and reliable information, reducing the resources dedicated to handling requests and minimizing delivery times. answer. Through the application it is possible to optimize its actions care resulting in reduced waiting time, increased customer satisfaction and elimination of bottlenecks.

He explains Stefano Da Col, CEO of Analytics Network:”Hypercare is the AI ​​application that answers the typical questions of those involved in after-sales processes, for example: “What are customers really asking me? Are they happy with my service? What are the most relevant topics? What are the most important problems?” Providing solutions to these questions means not only revolutionizing the after-sales work for the better, but also the opportunity to concretely improve one’s service or product by acting on quality. Therefore, Hypercare is also an evolutionary opportunity and not just a useful automation tool“.

HRCOFFEE steps up to the podium with Hrcoffee People Analytics Platformthe AI-equipped solution created to improve the work experience of employees.
Based on Watson Assistant and IBM Watson Personality Insight, the solution helps HR processes make employees the protagonists of their organization and at the center of every business decision from the bottom up. Thanks to the platform, its processes open innovation with the aim of continuous development. The HrCoffee People Analytics platform can: grow engagementanalyze its processes skills gapto develop self-assessment and self-assessment procedures ability mapdevelop its processes skill upgrade And retraining and his HR digital twin. The app guarantees a personalized digital dimension to brand identity of the company by creating a “mobile-first” HR process management space and social and social initiatives, leveraging the capabilities of IBM Watson Assistant warrants the use of virtual assistant for organizational management processes and IBM Watson Personality Insight for processes detailed information.

It is an honor and a pleasure to win the IBM Techallenge22, which represents the effort and will to build a strong and powerful People Analytics product from a technology perspective as well. Today in Italy, the use of People Analytics and artificial intelligence is becoming more and more widespread in all phases of personnel management and it is great to be able to say that there is a People Analytics product developed here in Italy. Thanks to Techallenge22 we will have the opportunity to compare with the IBM research labs in America and this will definitely be strategic for the improvement of artificial intelligence processes. Thanks to our technology, companies can realize the enormous potential of studying internal culture and people, as carriers of knowledge and true wealth for the company itself. The amount of data that can be collected is vast and fully owned by the company, which can quickly and easily benefit from dashboards that are useful for analyzing HR processes that can impact the areas of performance, cognitive ability and learning.“He has stated Maria Cesaria Giordano, CEO and co-founder of HRCOFFEE.

For each round of IBM TECHALLENGE22 there will be two winning companies, which, in addition to participating in the educational tour of the United States, will receive technological support and visibility from IBM to facilitate the progress of the winning solution. In fact, they will be supported by an IBM Technical Specialist Partner, have the opportunity to take part in specific IBM events, and be “shown” at IBM Studios among the demonstrations available to visitors.

After the summer break, IBM Business Partners will return to compete in the 2nd round from September 5 to October 7. The 3rd and final round will be held from October 24th to November 25th.

July 29, 2022

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