The fluid house, the exhibition that tells a future that is already present

From September 5 to 12, in conjunction with super salon, Elle Decor Italia’s new design appointment begins: in the heart of Milan, at the historic Palazzo Bovara, the exhibition-installation “The fluid house”signed by Elisa Ossino Studiowith his landscape design Marco Bay.

“We really wanted an event of this type during Planning week: The moment has never been more favorable than now to reflect on the domestic dimension,” he says Livia Peraldo Matton, director of Elle Decor Italia. “The pandemic made us more aware and made us understand how the house must respond, today more than before, to the new needs of those who live there.” In addition to architecture and interior design, comfort, flexibility of spaces and functions, immediacy of advanced technological interfaces, sustainability and relationship with nature are fundamental. From these facilities was born an original work that tells the visitor, through an immersive experience, the new inclinations of life.

The Elisa Ossino Studio team, from left Raffaella Ossino, Michele Bigelli, Elisa. In the foreground, from right, Davide Casali, Maurizia Presepi, Matteo Gan. In the original image: on the patio, custom pouf with leather upholstery, Gruppo Mastrotto, Attraction floor by Gerflor and on the wall, Emulsion Matt painting by Wilson & Morris.

Jessica Blown

“Colours, lights, shapes, textures and materials have been chosen to represent an organic, flexible and informal home. great attention to the selection of coatings and furniture with low environmental impact, which are easily disinfected”, explains Elisa Ossino. “The challenge was to try to understand the particular complexity of the historical moment in which we live.” Today, in fact, we expect our home to be a kind of welcoming nest, but also a place to carry out activities that were previously assigned elsewhere: “Smart work, fitness, culinary experiences… Functions that before the pandemic took place definitely in the “outside, today they have moved inside,” continues Livia Peraldo Matton. The “fluid house” with soft and curved walls and multifunctional environments with curtains that close and open, like a second skin, thus comes to represent shelter, protection and affections in the round. And at the same time the place to study, work, relax, to be used in different ways according to needs.

fuorisalone 2021, the fluid house, an elle decor exhibition at palazzo bovara

In the multifunctional living room, at the heart of the house, the kitchen is centrally located with, in the foreground, the vegetable garden for growing vegetables at zero km. On the semi-circular wall, 3M DI-NOC ™ film. Emulsion Matt wall paint by Wilson & Morris and Taralay Impression Compact flooring by Gerflor.

Illustration by Elisa Ossino Studio

A principle that applies to all 11 exhibition spaces, including the exterior: curvilinear shapes evoke protection and welcome, and the color of walls, floors and coverings serves to maximize the psychological well-being of visitors. A work to be observed and experienced, not as mere spectators but as actors, in a flexible space, where modular elements define a fluid and vital ecosystem. The greenery, in keeping with tradition for Elle Decor Italia, was entrusted to the experienced hands of landscape architect Marco Bay. Here he conceived a “Sustainable Dry Garden”: between indoor and outdoor spaces, a widespread garden of plants that do not require abundant watering. The idea of ​​biophilia, according to which human beings benefit from interaction with the natural world, “became fundamental in the architectural design of interior spaces,” recalls Elisa Ossino.

fuorisalone 2021, the fluid house, an elle decor exhibition at palazzo bovara

In one of the corridors there is the inner courtyard with citrus trees and an interactive installation by the Kokoschka Revival Collective: the visitor’s passage activates the virtual growth of a plant, symbolically narrating the interaction with nature. For the furniture, Torcello armchair and bench, Zitella stool, Lido bench, Rio Terà wall and floor coverings, all by Cimento®.

Illustration by Elisa Ossino Studio

The tour starts from the light-colored entrance-reception, whose surrounding walls, the motif of the space, are also in the circular shape of the cistern, with an almost installation feel. The reference is to the house of Pompeii and also takes in the idea of ​​the now automatic gesture of washing hands. Two corridors then filter environments between the inside and the outside, where nature plays a leading role, with weeds and agave plants symbolizing safety and welcome. From here you pass into the living room, the beating heart of the house, with different spaces for different functions. From the office space to the relaxation area, sliding curtains allow you to isolate and re-open to sociability according to your needs, always with the idea of ​​circularity here reduced to macro and micro scale, from the walls to the furniture. In the center of the space, between the ovens and the kitchen, is a home garden in the name of sustainability. Next is the ‘boy’s room’, where three playful light-colored fabric teepees come to life flooded with sound and color, thanks to an immersive installation curated by the collective Kokoschka Revival. Then the bathroom, a wellness area in the round, with an olive in the center and iridescent green ceramic coatings, with chromotherapeutic power and easy to disinfect, and a sauna with hammam that invites you to rediscover wellness. In the third corridor, in a tank, the recycled water colored with uranine acquires a strong green hue in dialogue with the orange of the citrus fruits. Nature is still the protagonist, thanks to real plants but also another interactive installation: a “digital garden” created by the visitor. “The house of the future must have natural lighting, fresh air and a view of greenery,” recalls Elisa Ossino, who, to convey the idea, always with the collective, created another digital installation in the master bedroom that represents a ” virtual window on the world, with amazing perspectives.

fuorisalone 2021, the fluid house, an elle decor exhibition at palazzo bovara

The master bedroom, with a wing that hides the bed offering privacy, is also multifunctional. In the foreground is the area for relaxation, study and exercise. In the center, Sen pouf by Kensaku Oshiro and Erei Sofa by Elisa Ossino for De Padova. Bombori lamp by Time & Style for Boffi l De Padova. Amini carpet, 3M DI-NOC ™ film on the walls, Marazzi flooring and Wilson & Morris paints. Technogym tools? right, RIG cabinet by Mikal Harrsen for MA / U Studio.

Illustration by Elisa Ossino Studio

Before you leave, other passageways become social places to stop, up to the courtyard-garden with organic shapes. “The idea here is to give space to a piece of nature with plants suitable for extreme climates, such as Eucalyptus Camaldulensis, the Chamaerops Humilis Compacta palm, the Bismarckia palm, with its amazing silver color, and the Musa Maurelii banana, with purple. red shades. They are partly Mediterranean, partly subtropical plants. It’s as if the outdoor furniture, perfect for lounging and dining, was immersed in a primeval forest, in an exciting dialogue,” explains Marco Bay. A gentle passage before crossing the threshold leads back to the exterior of the “fluid house”, which has the advantage of “representing the exact photograph of the transformation of houses”, concludes Livia Peraldo Matton, “from a predominantly residential role to a dynamic persistence”.

Another image of the multifunctional living room, whose spaces can be isolated thanks to the Vertirama sliding curtain system by Solaris. In the corner of the living room, Kubus armchairs by Josef Hoffmann, Paradise Bird seat and Antilles coffee tables by Luca Nichetto, all by Wittmann. lower right, Hide & Seek bookcase by Pietro Russo for Gallotti & Radice; Teorema Circles rug by Elisa Ossino for Amini. On the walls, 3M DI-NOC™ film and Matt Wilson & Morris Emulsion paints.

September 5-12, 2021
Bovara Palace
Corso Venezia 51, Milan

From an idea of ​​his
Elle Decor Italy

Exhibition Design
Elisa Ossino Studio
Landscape design

Marco Bay
Interaction facilities
Kokoschka Revival
Exhibition Design Coordination
Marina Cinciripini

Principal partner

Cristina Rubinetterie
Bofi | De Padua
Effe – perfect well-being
Sum 1867
Gallotti & Radice
Team Mastrotto
Incomplete tab
Martinelli Luce
Radiator pipes
Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten

Architectural Lighting Associate
Delta Light

Green Partner
Lighthouse plants

Department Store Associate

Fashion partner
Arthur Arbecher

Technical partner
Solaris tents
the M..
Wilson & Morris

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Arcimboldi Theatre

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