Artificial intelligence and video surveillance: more security

Marco BavazanoCEO of Axitea, explains why the combination of artificial intelligence and video surveillance systems is not only advantageous, but also opens up new applications, such as video analysis, and offers more security.

Video analysis has been established as physics for several years development of video surveillance. In other words, a computer autonomously analyzes what is framed by the cameras, studies the images in real time and generates an alarm message in case it detects potential threats. But its evolution received a further boost thanks to artificial intelligence. Not so much as a technological innovation – which has become widespread in many areas – but for its application in the field of security. Which opens up very interesting scenarios for all realities that already have a video surveillance system. In fact, the combination of video cameras and artificial intelligence significantly increases the level of security and prevention that these systems can achieve. warranty.

Artificial intelligence and video surveillance equals more reliability and security

With automatic event recognition, in fact, video analysis equipped with artificial intelligence allows you to get the most out of your video surveillance systems. The computing power available today, with the ability to use increasingly advanced image analysis algorithms, ensures areliability unprecedented and the reduction of false alarms. As a result, image reviewers have access to only the truly important events, with significant time savings and greater operational efficiency. Another aspect to remember is that no scene is similar to another and there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ script. Hence the importance of artificial intelligence that analyzes what is happening in real time, learning independently and continuously optimizing threat detection mechanisms, in each specific context.

Safer apps, equal security

The main application of video analysis is undoubtedly theagainst the invasion. Thanks to the automatic recognition of people, animals, objects or vehicles entering the framed scene, it can quickly or not trigger an alarm. However, to talk only about intrusion would be an understatement, because in the field of security, analysis algorithms allow you to count people or vehicles. In addition to detecting abnormal behaviors such as loitering (prolonged stay in a place without a valid reason), bypasses and occupation of places outside the limits.

AI more video surveillance, equal security

If that’s not enough, the availability of algorithms is so broad that it allows automatic detection of many events. They range from road safety – no parking, slowing down, dangerous pedestrian crossing – to safety, with flame and smoke detection. Today, almost all manufacturers of video surveillance cameras offer models that integrate video analysis systems: this is the so-called “edge” or distributed model, which providesprocessing of the video directly onto the camera. They are very good technologies. However, to access it the client is forced substitute their systems with state-of-the-art products, an investment not everyone is willing to make.

A solution for everyone

The latest AI video analytics technologies are instead Plug & Play, meaning they can be installed into pre-existing video surveillance systems. A solution that does not require the replacement cameras or image recording systems. In this way it is possible to make any camera smart, without revolutionizing the system and without resorting to complex installations or wiring specific. Add to this the ability to customize events and scripts according to the specifics of each individual environment. Video analysis makes it possible to improve any video system, ensuring an almost immediate return on investment.

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