Unlimited memory with high memory Seeweb Cloud Server

Intensive memory usage in a server environment can lead to slowdowns, performance drops and, in the most severe cases, malfunctions or service interruptions.

When managing large projects, designed for example to perform particularly demanding tasks in high traffic conditions, the need for RAM increases And reconfiguring resources based on consumption can become a very difficult undertaking.

In case of configuration on the spoti.e. deployed locally, problems related to resource scalability and memory management could prove even more serious, especially when it is necessary to temporary storage And database intended to contain a large amount of data.

The picture is completed with the ever-increasing inflation that does not save even the cost of hardware and the lack of electronic components that now concerns various industries and markets.

The Cloud However, it represents a solution for all those projects that require high memory capacity at competitive prices. This is what happens with service High Cloud Server Memory from Seewebwhose instances offer a variety of configurations and a level of horizontal scalability to maximize computing capabilities and serve complex NoSQL database-based infrastructures such as MongoDBrelational solutions such as e.g MySQL memoryDatabase as a Service is coming SAP HANA Cloud and search servers such as Elasticsearch Cloud.

When to Use a High Memory Cloud Server

RAM memory (Random Access Memory) has some peculiarities that differentiate it from other types of memory such as that used by SSD disks (Solid state drive) to store and access data.

SSD memory actually provides sequential access during the read and write phases, in the case of RAM we have a random access that determines the same speed in reading and writing for each memory section.

The characteristics of RAM enable faster data storage which is also supported by a more direct interaction with processors than SSDs. In a server environment this translates into higher performance even in the presence of very expensive workloads in terms of resource consumption.

Seeweb’s High Memory Cloud servers provide high memory instances that intervene in all situations where a website, database or web application requires a lot of physical memory usage, while also allowing resource-wise cost optimization.

Therefore, we are talking about ideal solutions for managing large in-memory databases, both SQL and non-SQL, distributed databases such as Apache Igniteweb caching systems, key-value databases such as Redis or RAM cache systems such as Memcached.

High Cloud Server Memory: Technical Features

One of the advantages of Cloud Server High Memory is the ability to choose between different configuration plans that differ mainly in the amount of RAM available with each instance, CPU cores and disk space. Specifically, the plans currently available are 5:

  • ECS1HM: with 64 GB of RAM, 4-core CPU and 200 GB of SSD disk space for storage.
  • ECS2HM: with 128 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, 400 GB disk space.
  • ECS3HM: with 256 GB RAM, 16-core CPU, 800 GB disk space.
  • ECS4HM: with 512 GB of RAM, 32 CPU cores, 1,500 GB of disk space.
  • ECS5HM: with 1 TB RAM, 32 Core CPU, 1,500 GB disk space.

In each case the traffic included in the service is equal to 1 TBinstances can also be quickly activated in and out of operation By order from the control panel provided to users and can be managed with complete autonomy.

The fee is pay-as-you-go and both the hourly cost and monthly totals are detailed on the service’s presentation page.

Cloud Server High Memory operates on a dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 network, implements instances on kernel-based operating systems Linux and guarantees 99.90% uptime with a penalty equal to 100% of the monthly fee for the selected plan.

For any doubt or request, technical assistance service is also provided throughout the year including holidays, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High Memory Cloud Server and SAP HANA

Developed by IBM, SAP HANA (High performance analytical device) is a multi-model database that has the ability to store data in memory instead of on disk.

Thanks to this feature, information processing takes place much faster than it would happen in disk-based data management systems, which is why it is an ideal solution for real-time analysis, also through intelligence technologies. Artificial and Machine Learning and integration of data from different sources such as IoT devices (the internet of things), mobile devices, web-based user interfaces, and business documents such as spreadsheets.

Seeweb’s high-memory cloud servers are therefore the optimal environment for those who want to work with SAP HANA, as their instances are built specifically to supportin computing memory where all read and write operations are performed directly at the RAM level.

To activate a Cloud instance dedicated to running SAP platforms, it takes a few clicks from the control panel and a process that takes only a few seconds to complete.


Managing large databases, caching systems, and high-traffic applications often requires a large amount of memory. However, consuming so much RAM means committing resources, often to the limits of your hardware configuration, and often also huge investments to adapt the technical infrastructure.

Cloud Server High Memory is a solution specially designed for all projects that require intensive use of RAM and always optimal computing performance, all manageable through a control panel that allows enabling By order any case required for their work.

For more information, you can refer to the official Seeweb website where all the features of the service, the available configurations and the usage rates for the various plans offered are detailed.

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