Simplify complexity with document automation

In many industries, the increasing role of automation makes it possible to simplify complexity and create value. Kyocera Document Solutions works with companies to optimize document processes and ensure measurable results.

LARGE’Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of work with intelligent data management and automation. While it is not easy to fully understand the long-term potential of artificial intelligence to change key aspects of how we live and support business, the enormous avail in terms of value creation. According to estimates by the McKinsey Global Institute, artificial intelligence could predict additional global economic output of about $13 trillion by 2030, increasing global GDP by about 1.2% per year.

LARGE’automation of documents is an important tool for companies to achieve more productivity and operational efficiency. Automation is now impacting every industry: it can improve patient healthcare, increase insurance efficiency and bring updated back-offices into production. Just think how much time healthcare staff waste searching patient medical records, stealing valuable time away from treatment. or the brake given to public administration by the obsession with complex administrative procedures and the heavy reliance on paper documents.

Save time and make fewer mistakes

To be competitive, companies are required to resolutely focus on innovation and invest in tools that allow them to capitalize on time and increase productivity. In this sense, the use of artificial intelligence for automation of the classification and processing of documentsas well as for data extraction and topic grouping, it brings many advantages.

Automation not only saves time and eliminates human error, but also allows employees to focus on the valuable activities that generate the highest return on investment for the business, thereby creating new growth opportunities and increased revenue.

Technology and consulting for customized solutions

Kyocera Document Solutions supports companies as a technology partner to ensure measurable results. How? As a first step, it performs a detailed analysis of the enterprise document infrastructure, to fully understand the technologies used, the processes in place and to identify the “bottlenecks”. It then proposes a customized solution to meet the needs of each individual company. The intention is to build a holistic solution that includes a package of products – printers and multifunctions – and integrated solutions and services to provide the best possible result in terms of document management. This is done through i Managed document services (MDS), an approach that enhances existing assets and proposes new services capable of improving daily productivity. Thanks to Kyocera Managed Document Services it is possible to simplify the management of print production, “streamline” the workload of the IT department and reduce the environmental impact of printers and MFPs.

Kyocera Document Solutions completes its offering with content platforms (Content Services) that integrate with printers and MFPs, as well as other software and platforms that can be used in a hybrid workplace. These are solutions designed to enable growth and scalability. As a SaaS cloud provider, the service is personalized and uses the best security technologies.

Kyocera Document Solutions offers companies infrastructure to support one complete hybrid work solution which takes into account all the products the company will need.

Optimizing the hybrid workspace also includes the opportunity to increase the reach of content services through solutions such as work process automation (RPA), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and data capture and extrapolation. These tools allow you to:

  • identify and organize documents based on their content;
  • automating approval workflows such as electronic signature request;
  • extract information from a document and check correspondence between different documents

In the case of a hybrid workplace, an employee who receives an invoice from a customer can upload the document to ECM and let the bots extract the data and send it to the accounting software, before saving it in the right place. Automation tools like RPA learn over time and so depending on the invoice, bots might learn to send it to the right manager for internal approval.

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