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The pandemic has radically changed our lives and the labor market. According to estimates, in Italy smart work or remote work has affected about 8.8 million workers, equal to about 40% of the employed. When it comes to post-pandemic work, 90% of companies have no doubts and choose smart work definitively. The majority of workers are also on this line, almost 58% of them actually ask for flexible working as a contractual condition. This was revealed by a survey by Aidp (Italian Association for Personnel Management) conducted among 850 personnel managers and companies. (Source: Il Sole 24 Ore of April 4, 2022). The future perspective is that of a market oriented towards hybrid methods, between presence and remote work. According to a study by the Aidp Research Center directed by Professor Umberto Frigelli, in 38% of the companies surveyed, employees will be able to work remotely at least 2 days a week and 14% at least 1 day a week. While in other cases, although with lower rates, it varies from 3 to 5 days to the presence of only one day per month.

In this general context of widespread remote work, the question of protecting data from possible external attacks by hackers, governments and the Internet service provider itself therefore arises. To prevent this from happening, the connection must be protected by a VPN server, which is a virtual private network. In this case, all our web traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel that is unbreakable from the outside. A VPN guarantees data protection because it changes your location, changes your IP address making it look like you are in the UK, Germany, Canada, Japan or basically one of the 94 countries where the servers are located. by ExpressVPN.

Using a VPN therefore protects you from various forms of intrusion, including packet sniffing, malicious Wi-Fi networks, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Those who travel, work remotely, and are constantly on the move use a virtual private network whenever they are on an unreliable network, such as free public Wi-Fi. VPNs offer benefits to individuals by keeping their online activity private and ensuring their online experience is free from outside interference. And in companies that use VPNs to connect remote employees, as if they were all using the same local office network. For travelers, VPN allows you to browse the web safely and privately, as if you were still in your own country.

Even with connections through public Wi-Fi hotspots, such as those in coffee shops, airports and parks, which can leave your personal information vulnerable, using a VPN keeps your data safe with strong encryption. Even in online shopping, a VPN connection has advantages, in fact in some online stores the prices may vary by country and a VPN connection, by varying the IP address, allows you to find the best deal. Another important item for those who often travel with their technological equipment in tow is the so-called survival kit. Which can be a travel bag or a tech case to go in the backpack. In short, it is a waterproof, shockproof container, containing for example: an encrypted USB key containing important documents, passport, ID, driver’s license, etc. Another key that only contains medical information with name, emergency contacts, blood type, medical condition and medical history. In addition to an external data storage disk, SD cards, readers, adapters and sockets, better if multiple chargers with different USB sockets that can recharge all devices in a short time, cables for data transfer and charging. For those planning to stay away from power sources, a solar panel battery charger is essential. If you also want to track your movements, how many steps or km you walk, the smartband is another must-have accessory in the kit, to check the time, notifications and track sports activities. Music lovers should also equip themselves with a bluetooth speaker with a rechargeable battery, preferably waterproof, where they can connect the smartphone via bluetooth.

For the most demanding, the kit should also contain a key with a linux system for connecting to an internet cafe, a portable power bank for recharging smartphones, tablets, notebooks, macbooks, computers / laptops. A cheap mobile phone, in case of main smartphone failure, satellite mobile phone, prepaid sim cards with international licenses, portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Finally, the tools for repairs, screwdriver kit, Swiss Army knife, lights, headlamp and diving watch.


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