IA. First “license” of emerging technologies

The first “license of emerging technologies” is born in Piedmont, Turin: the product of a 125-hour university course, online and on demand, accessible from all over Italy and open to everyone: students, professionals, entrepreneurs, unemployed… curious. Because Artificial Intelligence can increase the turnover by almost 4 trillion dollars in 2035, but the race for innovation goes through the cross-diffusion of knowledge of technologies.

It is estimated that the impact of artificial intelligence technologies on work will bring about a productivity increase up to 40% and will enable people to make more efficient use of their time. But the challenge of the innovation struggle goes through the diffusion of the knowledge of the technologies even among the unskilled.

From the University of Turin a Professional 125 hour refresher course – online and on demand – which puts it in the center digital transformation and digital mindsetwhich aims to spread it understanding the capabilities of technologiesto develop an open, collaborative, interdisciplinary approach and that liberates the first “driver’s license”.

Its application digital transformation requires that the people become agents of change. From this reflection was born the educational program of the Department of Management of the University of Turin”Human and technology license for business innovation“(H&TL), since October In connection And By ordersuggested by Paolo BianconeFull Professor of Business Economics at the University of Turin, e Silvana SekinaroAssociate Professor of Business Economics at the University of Turin, in collaboration with Comau, through its Academy.

Through a path of 125 hours you have access lectures, individual training material and working groups. At the end, upon passing a test, the course releases the Beforeemerging technologies driver’s license” And 5 CFU (university training units) which can also be accredited by professional associations.

According to his study Accenture and Frontier Economics Artificial intelligence can almost increase turnover 4 trillion dollars in the 2035followed by wholesale and retail trade (2.2 trillion dollars), professional services (1.5 trillion dollars), financial services (1.2 trillion dollars), information and communication (1 trillion dollars), transport and storage ($0.8 trillion) and construction ($0.5 trillion). (Source: Details: Artificial Intelligence 2021 – Statista Digital Market Outlook).

It is therefore necessary not to be caught off guard, to be protagonists and not spectators of change – he explains Paolo Biancone -. But smalljust by spreading awareness of how the Technology can change the lives of people and companiesdigital transformation can be fully realized: the integration of technologies into our lives requires the strengthening the human factor“.

In this scenario, the course, a representative for a new way of working, “Technology & Human Driven” aims to develop skills that enable a growing range of people to understand the implications of technological changes affecting market development and make them promoters of applications in their field of activity.

H&TL was created in Turin accessible from all over Italy and addresses a heterogeneous audience: students, professionals, entrepreneurs, unemployedcurious. Because everyone is potential key elements in digital transformation. “A transformation that changes our habits, the economy, the home, the work, the school environment, that has created new ways of being together and working together – Biancone still declares -. Faced with these seasonal changes, in order to face the race for innovation, it is necessary to develop and share digital culture, fuel the digital mindsetpeople must become agents of change“.

People are the key to success: technologies can be bought by everyone, but you don’t become competitive with the tools, but you need the workers who want them and know how to use them. – he adds Ezio Fregnandirector of the Comau Academy, world leader in the field of industrial automation -. Each of us today is called upon to choose whether to live in the past or to begin walking the paths of the future, bearing in mind that soon there will be no alternative.“.

Until now, in fact, we live insideIn life*, in line with an increasingly digital transformation that represents a great opportunity for growth for companies as well as for the quality of life of employees and people in general. Suffice it to say that by 2024 the global AI-based hardware market will exceed 200 billion dollars.

The online and on-demand mode allows the course to be used at your preferred time and place through an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS). Internet of Things and Web Scraping (computer technique of extracting data from a website through software programs), Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Robotics: the innovative range of content and technologies is exposed with concrete examples related to the working world.

*neologism created by the philosopher Luciano Floridi that stems from the contraction of Online and Offline, to highlight the hybrid nature of our daily lives, part digital and part analog.

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