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This week’s guest on Cardano NFT Address Book is a project that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create beautiful works of art: EntheosAI.

Last week’s guest it was a project that plans to use blockchain and NFT technology to decentralize the music industry.

This initiative is a benchmark for NFT on Cardano and every week or two we’ll invite someone to answer a few questions and give us one update directly from the Cardano community.

Considering that some of our readers are new to the cryptocurrency space, we will have a mix of simple and technical questions.

NFT project on Cardano: EntheosAI

The NFT project on Cardano EntheosAI uses artificial intelligence to create art

Hi, nice to have you here. Introduce your team, where are you from and what is your background?

Thank you for your time and interest in our project! I’m Entheos (William Woodall), creator, founder and lead developer of EntheosAI. We have a small but very talented team, which includes community management, services and outreach, and a blockchain developer. We recently hired another one excellent AI artist who signs himself ADAliens to expand the creative aspect of our work.

i live in california, but our team is spread all over the world. For example, We have people in Singapore, Malaysia, Vancouver and New Mexico.

Of course we all bring different experiences to the table, but I personally have one background in mathematics, programming and artificial intelligence.

What is EntheosAI? How do you use NFTs and AI technology? And why Cardano?

EntheosAI is an NFT project released at the end of April 2021. We were the first fully algorithmic AI artwork on Cardano. Compared to today, the art of artificial intelligence was still in its infancy at the time, and using an algorithm I created and coded from scratch, we created incredibly unique and original work of art.

In the last year the world of AI art has exploded and we have evolved with it, creating new algorithms that show the latest developments in AI technology.

entheosAI nft
3 projects from EntheosAI’s Evolved series

I chose to start the project on Cardano because I believe in his vision. Coming from the AI ​​world, I was used to reviewing academic papers and I understood the value of peer-reviewed academic research. It is for this reason that I was drawn to Cardano’s approach. I quickly fell in love with the community and the other builders and creators in the space. I really feel like we found a home and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to build on Cardano.

It is often said that artificial intelligence (AI) will not replace human creativity, yet the art of artificial intelligence is emerging. What do you think of this phenomenon?

Great question! I don’t think artificial intelligence will replace human creativity, at least not for now and not in the foreseeable future. Rather, I believe it has a tool that allows people and artists to explore new methods of creative expression. If we look, for example, at birth of transformer-based imagingthe ability to use text or phrases to create images, we can see how it gave birth to an entirely new field or system through which artists show their talent and creativity. In the art world we call this system AI “Direct Engineering”.

When I started using these templates, I naively thought that maybe this process would be restrictive, that Perhaps people had similar ideas and thus created similar images, but I quickly learned that the space of possibilities is huge. People include in sentences elements such as famous artists or styles, each of which gives the model a different quality that creates variations in the resulting images. An artist using these algorithms will quickly develop their own unique style, learning to express their ideas through language and interaction with the model.

I know many artists and can often recognize their work just by looking at the style and content of their images. Our thoughts are synthesized and structured with language, so the idea and dynamics of using language as a tool of expression is fascinating and brings with it a new world of possibilities.

What is the vision for your project? Where would you like to see EntheosAI in a year?

Well, even a year is a long time in this space, but one thing is for sure: we are here to stay. We will continue to evolve and follow it latest developments and possibilities of AI research and the use of blockchain technology.

As the world of AI art grows and more artists enter this space, I would like to take the project in a direction that highlights our skills and talents. With a broad background in programming and a deep understanding of how these models work, we have the unique ability to do just that we manipulate technology and create our own algorithms to produce truly original works.

entheosAI nft
3 works from the latest Prophecy collection

Wonderful. Any last words? Where can you learn more?

Thank you once again for spending time with us. Visit it our website. There are lots of interesting information about the project, about the team and also about the processes behind the operation of some of these AI models. Also, I’d like to invite people to join our discord, which you can find through my Twitter account. There is one there vibrant and welcoming community and we would be honored if you stopped by.

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