PNRR, over 2 billion per 100 thousand innovative classes and workshops for the digital professions of the future. Here is the School Plan 4.0

An innovative curriculum for more interactive lessons and more engaged students. This is the “4.0 School Plan”, an allocation of 2.1 billion euros to transform 100,000 traditional classrooms into innovative learning environments and create workshops for the digital professions of the future in secondary schools.

Flexible and technological learning spaces to promote collaboration and inclusion. In all Italian schools and according to the developmental needs of children and adolescents.

“This is a specific transformational intervention of our school that we are carrying out as part of the PNRR – says the Minister of Education,Patrizio Bianchi-, the largest of its kind ever built, with specific resources and times. Educational research tells us that environments influence the learning process and teaching methodologies. The intervention focuses on students, using technology as a source of innovation and an ally of learning. In recent months we have invested heavily in digital. Between the PNRR resources and other European funds, it is about 4.9 billion allocated for wired teaching, teacher training, provision of broadband in the school, support for digitization of secretariats and payments related to school activities, innovation of teaching spaces. A project that must continue to ensure a school that keeps up with the times for students and families.”

From today on the PNRE Education websiteavailable resources for each school are publishedassignedthrough a national plan to allocate funds, based on the number of classes in each school, with one40% reservein favor of the schools of its RegionsNoon. Accompanying tools will be available to each school, such as the PNRR support team, established in the Ministry of Education and Regional School Offices, as well as the School Task Force, managed in collaboration with the Territorial Cohesion Agency.

Next generation classrooms100,000 innovative classes

Thanks to the resources of “School 4.0”, each school of the first and second cycle will be able to transform at least half of the current classrooms, designing new environments and a new teaching according to its own needs. 1 billion and 296 million loan to create innovative physical and digital learning spaces in furniture and equipment. Teaching methodologies and techniques according to the transformation of environments, to enhance learning and the development of students’ cognitive, social and emotional skills.

The lowest common denominator will be easily placed furniture, flexible digital equipment, wireless or wired network. But the schools will choose how to arrange or structure: the principal, in collaboration with the digital animator and the innovation team, will be able to create a design team that will include designers, teachers and students to design the physical and virtual learning, for teaching design based on innovative methodologies suitable for new environments, for providing accompanying measures in the use of modified teaching spaces.

Next generation laboratoriesspaces for the digital professions of the future

This action is aimed specifically at upper secondary schools. The aim is to create workshops where female students can develop specific digital skills in the various advanced technological fields (such as robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, digital communication), also through authentic activities and effective simulation of spaces, tools and processes related to in new occupations.

Workshops are an opportunity to extend the educational offer of the school and should be designed with the participation of students, families, teachers, companies, universities and higher technical institutions and integration with Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO).

424 million euros are available for this action, divided into 124,044.57 euros for high schools and 166,455.50 euros for secondary schools that have at least one active technical or vocational school directorate.

The remaining interventions in the digital

The measures of the “4.0 School Plan” also recall other interventions, totaling 2 billion 443 million, designed and prepared to encourage innovation in the education system, such as integrated digital teaching (379 million projects), such as the strengthening of local, wired and wireless networks in schools (445 million from React EU funds), the installation of interactive screens in classrooms (455 million from React EU funds). the creation of STEM environments (99 million); the broadband plan (600 million partly from PNRR); the PagoPA-SPID-CIE plan (60 million from PNRR); cloud migration and school websites (155 million PNRR in cooperation with the Department of digital transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers) . innovative environments for kindergarten (about 250 million);

Finally, 800 million euros are added to these resources for the digital training of school staff financed by the PNRR, totaling approximately 4.9 billion.

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