How to change Alexa’s voice and what the options are

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Are you tired of always hearing the same voice coming from it? Alexa and will you change it? If you are reading this guide, it is because you are not sure how to do it and if it is possible to proceed. The good news is that yes, you can change Alexa’s voice and the process is quite simple. Have you already tried without success? You don’t have to worry, because with our explanations you will be able to do it without any problem.

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So read on and in the following paragraphs you will learn how to change Alexa’s voice. We advise you to perform the steps as you read them, as we present them, so that you do not make mistakes while performing the procedure. You are curious to hear the other person Alexa’s voice and begin to familiarize yourself with a voice assistant a little different? With a few simple steps you can set a different voice and start interacting with it right away.

We would like to clarify, however, before even starting with the explanation, that the set the male voice of Alexa it will only be possible for those using the assistant in English. Exchange is not currently available for Italian. So if you already have a set of English or don’t mind using Alexa in a language other than your own, read on to learn how.

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Can you really change Alexa’s voice?

As we just explained, changing Alexa’s voice is only possible if you use theEnglish voice assistant. For this reason, in order to make the change you must first do so change the language device. You do not know how to set english as alexa’s default language? You don’t have to worry because we will explain how to do it right away. So, proceed as follows:

  • Unlock your mobile device if necessary
  • Find the Alexa app icon and click on it to launch it
  • Tap on the Devices command that you will see in the menu at the bottom of the main screen
  • Select All Devices
  • Click on the device you are using and on which the change will be made
  • Tap the gear icon you will see in the top right
  • Find the Language option, located in the General section of the list that will appear, and click on it
  • Tap on Other languages
  • Choose between UK English and US English
  • Click OK to confirm the operation

If you’ve followed the steps carefully, you’ve just set English, either UK or US, as your Alexa language. Immediately after confirmation you should see the message informing you some features may not be available as this language is not 100% supported in Italy. However, you shouldn’t have any problems using Alexa.

Post they have changed Alexa’s language it’s time for the second and fundamental step, that of actually changing the voice of the voice assistant. So, to proceed, follow the steps that we are going to present:

  • Take your mobile device and unlock it if necessary
  • Locate the Alexa app icon
  • Click on it to start it
  • Tap on the Devices option which you will see in the main menu at the bottom of the main page
  • Select All Devices
  • Find the device you want to change Alexa’s voice to from the list that will appear on the screen
  • Click on the gear icon at the top right
  • Click on the Alexa Voice command, which you’ll find under General
  • Continue by selecting the New option

At this point you will hear a notification simulation, to hear the new male voice and verify it’s OK. Here you just changed Alexa’s voice. Nothing complicated, right? From now on, you will be able to interact with the voice assistant and hear the new male voice answering you and complying with your requests.

Alexa voice tricks, the best

You are looking for it Alexa tricks, so you can get the most out of Amazon’s voice assistant and take advantage of its capabilities? Here are some of the best tricks you might not know about:

Customize flash update

use it flash update voice assistant to listen to weather updates and news? This feature has some default elements that can be customized according to your interests. Don’t know how to do it? You’ll just have to log inAlexa appClick on Butselect the command Settings and proceed with me News. Here you can see what the flash briefing includes and modify it as you wish. In addition, you can also set an order in which information is provided to you.

Here are short answers

Do you think Alexa is beyond answering? Prefer your voice assistant to use short, concise answers? In this case you will be able to access the Settings application then you need to click Alexa accountselect the item Voice responses and press up Short answer function. This way, Alexa will be more brief in communicating with you and will sometimes only emit a confirmation tone.

Create a multi-room band

Do you want to listen to music from multiple devices, which may be in different rooms? With Alexa you can pair multiple devices and listen to your favorite songs. Here’s how to do it. First of all, launch the voice assistant app. Go to section Appliancesthen click the symbol + and select Add group or combine speakers. You will be able to see which devices you can add and start playing your favorite songs from multiple devices.

How do I change Alexa’s name?

If you’re reading this guide and have followed the step-by-step process to this point, you’ll be able to change Alexa’s language and change your voice assistant’s voice. Other information that you might find useful and that you may not have known is that there is a possibility also change the name to Alexa. What it means? We refer to trigger wordhe said awakening word In English. Instead of referring to the voice assistant with the classic “Alexa”, you can use “Ziggy“, the “Echo“,”Amazon” the “Computer“. Don’t know how to do it and want to try to make the change? Then proceed as follows:

  • Take your mobile device and unlock it if necessary
  • Launch the Alexa app by clicking on its icon
  • Click on the Devices item which will be in the main menu of the main page
  • Tap the All Devices option
  • Select the device on which you want to change the activation command among those in the list you will see
  • Tap on the gear icon that you will see on the top right
  • Click the Activate Word command

On the next screen you will see all the available options. You will see that as the default setting there will be Alexa. In addition, as we said before, you will find: Echo, Amazon and Computer. If you have set theUS English as voice assistant language you can also select the option Ziggy. After choosing the command you prefer, all you have to do is press Okay to confirm your selection in the message that will appear. Once the change is made you will see a check mark next to the option you have selected. From now on you should refer to the voice assistant using the new name. If you used the above you would notice that it would have no effect. You should know that, of course, this is not an irreversible change. You can change the name again at any time. Not sure how to do it? Just follow the instructions we just presented and select another one of the names listed as default.

How to teach Alexa accurate answers

Would you like specific answers from Amazon’s voice assistant? In this case you should know that it is possible to program Alexa to respond with certain phrases of your choice. This feature is also useful if you tend to use them repeatedly commands. To save time, you can automate everything by creating one routine which includes a series of instructions. Don’t know how to do it? First, you’ll need to log in toAlexa app. From here you can go to the section accountchose Routine and click the symbol + to begin. Press When it happenssubsequently When you say something and write the trigger words. At the end save and press on Add energychoosing what interests you and which will be added to the routine.

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