How to choose a laptop, how much is it worth spending?

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How to choose a laptop: the facilities

THE portable computers they have become an integral part of almost all families.

Its convenience so I can transfer them, having everything with you at your fingertips means many people prefer them over desktop computers. Even the implementation they have nothing to envy anymore.

Modern computers are real work stationsuitable for any kind of work or al gaming more unbridled.

Even the performances of batteries are much improved: the most innovative technologies allow to achieve an autonomy of up to 10 hours while working at full capacity.

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Reduced autonomy is perhaps the most painful point because, even with the utmost care and attention, batteries tend to wear out after a few years.

Fortunately, there are models that even after 5 years allow you to work 5 hours when the battery is 100%.

But how to choose a laptop;

There are various elements to be consideredlet’s see them in the next paragraph.

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How to choose a laptop: some tips

With its increasingly massive advent smart work and the multiplication of all these modern professions that have to do with the internetowning a laptop is almost essential.

But so, how to choose a laptop? There is no definitive answerdepends on several factors.

First of all the budget.

Any purchase should start from available amount of money. There are many purchase options and it’s not certain that a mid-low level computer can’t be useful.

We can divide the bands into four complexes:

  • PCs ranging from 150 to 350 euros are they mid-low range?
  • PCs ranging from 350 to 650 euros are they middle class?
  • PCs ranging from 650 to 1000 euros are they high-end?
  • the computers they cost over 1000 euros they are the very high-end ones, often with technical features designed specifically for certain transactions.

Once you know what your budget is, you’re good to go compare pricesperhaps looking for deals in online stores.

The advantage of online is also given by critics: after choosing a product, you will be able to read the opinion about it by those who have already bought it. There is, however, theonline purchase obligation: physical stores often make very advantageous offers.

But certainly a first internet search must be done for convenience. Again to answer the question of how to choose a laptop, the other fundamental aspect to consider is the use to be made of it.

Let’s do some example:

  • if it is a computer intended for a baby you should choose a product specially designed for this age group. The same goes for the teenagerswith computers allowing parents to implement the parental control. They don’t need to be very powerful, but they need to allow you to connect to the internet, be able to read CD / DVD and have a webcam with a built-in microphone.

If, on the other hand, the laptop is used for Working from homethe items you choose depend on the profession:

  • one graphic, you should buy a computer with a large capacity of RAM, an excellent graphics card and USB ports that allow you to connect several peripherals or HDMI ports to display images on other monitors. The computer must also have a lot of memory. The same goes for video editors.
  • if your job includes the Writingyou should prefer a computer with an ergonomic keyboard, a large screen with manageable brightness and a long-lasting battery.
  • if you are a computer programmer or engineer, you will definitely need a fast computer, which allows you to do calculations very quickly. Therefore, it will be necessary to have a performance processor as well as an internal memory with SSD technology.

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