Booking reveals the true origins of your favorite foods

Are Swedish meatballs really from Sweden? What about Scotch eggs from Scotland? dispels all myths about the origin of your favorite dishes.

THEThe reason that often drives many travelers around the world to visit a particular destination is the local food. While the origin of some dishes may seem obvious, the name is sometimes misleading. After more than two years of restrictions, it’s time to say “yes” to good food. Research from shows that 58% of travelers worldwide put food and drink first when planning their summer vacation. Booking reveals the true origins of 5 famous foods, the places where they were born and why they are worth visiting.

M.crispy and hot on the inside, crispy on the outside. Everyone loves chips, young and old. Although the name by which they are known in English-speaking countries, “French fries”suggests they are French, in fact the true origin they are Belgians. So it’s no surprise exactly here you can find super crispy and handmade in every corner. It is said that the original recipe was created in 1680 in Namur, the capital of Wallonia, for a purely “climatic” reason. Due to the low temperatures and the resulting ice formation in the local river, its residents found themselves having to look for an alternative to the usual fried fish. So the fried potato soon became an integral part of the diet, and the rest is history.

Where should I stay?

TO a few steps from the Frietmuseum is the B&B Chestera warm and modern bed and breakfast.Its central location is ideal for visiting the city’s attractions and trying other Belgian delicacies besides chips, such as chocolate and beers, perhaps taking a trip to Bruges Beer Experience is in Choco-Story, the chocolate museumis within walking distance of the property.

TOthe more it will seem strange that the famous Swedish meatballswhich has always been the flagship dish of the stores of the largest furniture brand in the world, they are not actually from Sweden. And yet so it is: the The original recipe is Turkish and was brought to Scandinavia in the 18th century by King Charles XII, after a period of exile in the Ottoman Empire. In Turkey meatballs are called köfte and is a popular dish made with beef and lamb (unlike the Swedish version which uses pork as a base) along with the usual ingredients, ie eggs, parsley, breadcrumbs, salt and onion. In Istanbul, the culinary heart of Turkey, they are found in abundance. To try 10 local delicacies while exploring the city on foot, you can join a tour to discover street food. An unsurpassed opportunity to taste local products and see the most beautiful places at the same time.

Where should I stay?

PI.roprio in the heart of Istanbul, the Walton Gardens Pear is a sophisticated and modernly designed hotel, with a beautiful courtyard to enjoy after visiting the city’s various attractions, such as Taksim Square and Galata Tower, both within walking distance. Instead, to easily reach the Grand Bazaar, where some delicious street food awaits you, you can take public transport around the corner. The hotel is centrally located and surrounded by many restaurants offering typical local delicacies.

Scotch Eggs- Agra, India

Un boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breaded and fried: this typical English recipe is widespread throughout the UK. However, the name is misleading, because In fact, this egg has very little scotch in it. In fact, the recipe is much older and was imported into England from Indiawith an apparently different name: Nargis Kofta. Like the Scottish version, Nargisi Kofta consists of a boiled egg wrapped in minced meat and it originates from Mughlai cuisine, part of the Mughal empire. In Agra, the most important city of the subcontinent and the capital of the empire, this delicacy can still be tasted today in various restaurants of the city.

Where should I stay?

largelet yourself be conquered by its luxury The Oberoi Amarvilas Agra, a luxury property with stylish and modern interiors and large windows with incredible view of the Taj Mahal, the ultimate attraction. largein the outdoor pool and spa offer moments of relaxation and well-being. While for the culinary part, the many restaurants in the center of Agra await you, a short drive away.

largeand famous fried donuts covered in glazeextremely popular in the United States, actually have very distant origins. In fact it was the ancient Greeks who invented them firstThe, under the name loukumades. These fluffy balls of yeast dough, covered in honey or syrup, were originally given as a prize to the winners of the ancient Olympic Games, but today they can be found everywhere on the streets of the country and of course in the capital Athens. To try it out authentic donuts and other local delights, become a member food and cultural tour in Koukaki and discover the Greek city, traditions, culture and history, enjoying different authentic local dishes while learning how they are prepared.

Where should I stay?

SMALL.which is due to Cuckooone of the most fashionable neighborhoods of Athens, lHeritage Hill Hotel it is the perfect place for those who prefer to stay a little away from the hustle and bustle of the centerbut close to main attractions, like the Acropolis. In the area there are many cafes, ideal for drinking a coffee and accompanying it with fresh donuts.

THE Croissants are a staple of French culinary heritage, but they were inspired by Kipferla traditional crescent-shaped doughy bun, nowadays served as a cookie. Kipferl probably first appeared in France when the first Viennese bakery opened in Paris, in 1838. Parisians fell in love with it, to the point of recreating it in a new version. The Kipferl became French when it started making puff pastry and thus spread throughout the world.

Where should I stay?

M.modern and comfortable, i Johannesgasse Apartments are located right in the center of Vienna, a few steps from the Cathedral of Santo Stefano and the Opera House. In the morning you can enjoy a fresh breakfast and enjoy the wonderful view of the property’s garden. Certainly in the structure you will find freshly baked croissants, but you can also try the “originals” in the countless bakeries in the surrounding areabefore he gets in the saddle and does good bike tour to discover the sights of the city.

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