How to Convert a Trailer into a Motorhome: BluMobile by BluOasis

How to convert a trailer into a camper: for all those who love to travel, the BluOasis launcherbased in Seattle, offers a flexible solution for mobile devices: it is the brand new BluMobile trailerwhich uses solar power with lithium batteries, and is built on a military-grade off-road chassis, allowing it to provide autonomy for campers, explorers and adventurers.

BluOasis used a highly durable M1101 trailer commonly used attached to a Humvee for military service. Instead of trying to turn that cold, hard metal trailer into a warm, cozy RV, the startup focused on transforming a trailer that has enough room to sleep up to four people.

How to convert a trailer into a camper: BluMobile, the video

The BluMobile trailer is built primarily as a self-contained base camp or command center, capable of generating and storing its own energy, even water. The trailer could also be the perfect solution for remote assistance on construction sites or used for search and rescue.

Each BluMobile trailer is equipped with a group of expandable solar panels which, once parked, can be doubled in size and power. An electric auto-extension system raises the folding roof and retracts the lower solar panel to complete the 1,500W solar charging range.

How to convert a trailer into a camper

The electricity generated by the solar panels is stored on board thanks to a 15 kWh lithium battery. Buyers who want more power can upgrade to a 30 kWh pack and add another 1,500 or 3,000 watts of load with a stand-alone solar panel installation for storage inside the trailer.

The BluMobile trailer can also be used to connect a caravan or small house to the power supply thanks to the integrated 120-V / 30-A and 240-V / 30-A outputs. The built-in outdoor table serves as a cover for the central power panel and control center, which includes several 120V outlets for connecting devices, laptops and more. The continuous output power of the inverter, equal to 6 kW, can be increased to 12 kW.

What makes the BluMobile particularly suitable for landing and camping or off-grid housing is its ability to independently produce clean water thanks to a built-in atmospheric water generator. Like Watergen’s portable system, the BluOasis generator technology separates natural moisture from the air through a condensation process and then passes it through a UV purification and filtration system. The water then flows into the 150 liter storage tank in the BluMobile.

How to convert a trailer into a camper

According to BluOasis estimates, its water production system is capable of producing 38 liters of fresh water per day, assuming a temperature of around 27 °C and a relative humidity of 60%. The system consumes about 12 kW of energy per day, thanks to the built-in battery. If the rate of H20 production is too fast for a certain group, you can take extra containers or tanks with you to store the excess water or simply turn off the water generator.

The BluMobile is not a typical cargo trailer or a classic camper, but it is equipped to work in both modes. Double rear doors and a folding tailgate provide access to the interior, where cooler bags, boxes, camping gear and other cargo can be stored. When empty, the trailer can accommodate four people in a queen-size upper space in the folding roof and a full-size space below. It’s hardly the most luxurious camping caravan, but thanks to the fabric pop-ups and side windows, it should at least provide a well-ventilated and sheltered place to spend the night.

In addition to the increased electrical capacity, BluOasis plans to offer further upgrades such as a backup gas generator with auto start system, Dometic refrigerator/freezer, communications equipment and more.


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