Kwumsy P2s review: two more screens for your laptop

There are some accessories that, in fact, evaluated with a little superficiality may seem useless, but then, when used in real life, could profoundly change the user experience of certain types of users. And Kwumsy P2s tri-screen is the perfect example of this. It is an accessory used with laptops with which, thanks to a single USB-C cable, you can add 2 more screens to your laptop and have a much larger workspace while on the go.

Is it bulky? Yes, it is heavy, yes. But for anyone, like me, who is often on business and needs to perform tasks where there are never too many screens, such as video editing or coding, Tri-monitor Kwumsy Ps the size and weight of its structure is undoubtedly worth it. A structure that, as we will see, is very stable, it is universal in terms of compatibility with laptops of different sizes and incorporates a base with which you will avoid excessive pressure of the screen hinge on the notebook with which it will be connected.

Kwumsy P2s Tri-Monitor Review: The accessory that adds 2 more monitors to your notebook

Design and materials

With two additional 12″ screens, an aluminum alloy structure that incorporates a spring mechanism to adapt to laptops of different sizes and weighing 2.75 kg, as I told you Kwumsy P2s tri-screen It’s certainly not one of the most compact and lightweight gadgets we’ve seen lately. Not that it’s bad though, also because the whole structure is very compact and incorporates two hinges that can rotate up to 207 ° to which the two additional screens are attached.

The package also includes an eco-leather case which I would define as essential, for a very specific reason: when the screen structure is closed, one of the two screens will inevitably remain exposed and, if placed together in the bag. notebook, the risk of it being scratched or damaged is high. For this, again, it is very important to transfer it Kwumsy P2s tri-screen in its case, so as to avoid any damage.

Kwumsy p2s review screen with three three external windows usb c price features additional screen

On top of it Kwumsy P2s tri-screen There are four buttons, the first is the power button, which is flanked by the “Up” and “Down” keys to navigate the OSD menu. Finally, there’s the Lock switch which, when pressed, will fully extend the stand to allow you to place the system on top of your laptop screen.

Kwumsy p2s review screen with three three external windows usb c price features additional screen

The areas where the laptop will come into contact with the device have soft rubber pads to ensure that the Kwumsy P2s tri-screen It also doesn’t scratch the laptop to ensure the system doesn’t put too much strain on the laptop’s main screen, an adjustable stand has been fitted at the back which can be locked at different heights. The entire exterior is coated with silicone, which ensures the Kwumsy P2s tri-screen great stability when connected.

Kwumsy p2s review screen with three three external windows usb c price features additional screen

Finally, in the lower part there are 2 USB-C ports. The first is dedicated to power and should only be used if the notebook to which the device will be connected cannot power it, the other is for connecting to the laptop: I have tried Kwumsy P2s tri-screen with a 14 inch ASUS Zenbook Duo and everything worked fine using a single connection.

How it works and how it looks

use it Kwumsy P2s tri-screen It’s very simple. Simply expand the spring structure, place it on your laptop screen, tighten it to support and adjust the back support. At this point, by connecting the device to a USB-C port of the laptop, in a few minutes the system will turn on and Windows will detect the other two monitors. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the Kwumsy P2s tri-screen it is only compatible with systems powered by Microsoft’s operating system, not Mac computers. However, if you want to use it with macOS, the company has created the Pro version of its P2, which is also compatible with Mac M1: the company has However, it is expected that, in the coming months, it will release a version of the P2 that is also compatible with Apple computers.

Kwumsy p2s review screen with three three external windows usb c price features additional screen

Once the monitors are connected, settings can be changed using the OSD which can be controlled using the buttons on the top structure. The navigation is simple and intuitive and will allow you to change a whole series of settings with which you can not only optimize the image quality of the monitors, but also change the power saving settings and many other options. What I didn’t really like about this OSD, however, is the complete absence of a “Back” button, which would really improve the whole menu navigation process.

When it comes to video quality, let’s be clear. We are certainly not talking about two extra screens that are extremely brilliant in terms of image and contrast, but the solution designed by the company does its job well. Personally, when using the system on the go for video editing, on the notebook screen I always tend to keep the image preview, to avoid any issues with colors and managing saturation and contrast.

Kwumsy p2s review screen with three three external windows usb c price features additional screen

That said, the Kwumsy P2s tri-screen it incorporates two 12” screens that use an IPS panel. They are screens in 16:9, with a maximum brightness of 220 nits, compatible with the HDR standard. In short, they are not very bright it is true, but fortunately the opaque type coating tends to eliminate any reflection, making them visible even outdoors in direct light conditions.

Right off the bat, I noticed that the color temperature of the Kwumsy P2 Pro panels is much warmer than that of the laptop screen I used, and the tonal balance leans a bit towards green. There’s plenty of detail and black levels are pretty deep, but that greenish tone just didn’t sit well with me.

Kwumsy p2s review screen with three three external windows usb c price features additional screen

For this, I tried to calibrate the panels: after calibration things really improved a lot, but in my tests I noticed that by setting the brightness to 100% the colors start to become unrealistic. In short, to be able to find the perfect calibration, you will have to tinker a bit, but once you find the right settings for your needs, the results are not bad at all.

What’s great is the latency: the company guarantees 25ms of latency, and in my tests I’ve come to the conclusion that the stated number isn’t far from the real thing.

Price and estimates

Its price Kwumsy P2s tri-screen it is 429.00 dollars, which is about 419 euros at the current exchange rate. And in short, it’s a pretty expensive product it’s true, that I personally wouldn’t feel like recommending it to everyone. The price basically depends on the fact that the company has used high-performance screens, which together consume less than 10w, but we are still talking about a niche product.

For people who really need it though, the Kwumsy P2s tri-screen could change your life: the ability to extend your workspace while on the train or perhaps while in the hotel to continue completing tasks without having to worry about the layout of folders, previews and whatever else is really a convenience.

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