short and hay | Rural Film Festival | in Cortile del Maglio

A special occasion for Corto e Fieno traveling to Turin under the bright and magical moon of LunaDora. Saturday, September 24 at 8.30 p.m. preview of the thirteenth edition of the Rural Film Festival at Bar Maglio, Cortile del Maglio, via Andreis 18/18 – free entry. An hour of projections with water films, transported and lulled by the innumerable shades of this essential element. Water and man come together in many “small” stories to be told and experienced: around the world in five incredible short films.

The program

Ligne Noire, Mark Olexa, Francesca Scalisi, Switzerland, India 2017, 10′
A woman fishing in murky waters, a suffering nature, the broken song of a muezzin, all run on the thin black line drawn by an oil accident in the Sundarbans. Life crawls along with horror and hope.

Willkommen!, Bogdan Maraloiu, Romania 2018, 17′
In a remote Romanian village on the banks of the Danube, something important is about to happen. The first man to swim the Danube from its source to the Black Sea will stop to visit the country. Believing that such an event will help lift his municipality out of obscurity, the mayor does everything he can to impress the swimmer. But the real problems of the community are coming to light.

Ins Holz, Thomas Horat, Corina Schwingruber Ilic, Switzerland 2017, 13′
Snow, sweat, testosterone and the sound of chainsaws. Every four years during the three winter months, wood is cut on a steep mountain above Lake Ägeri in Switzerland. Logs are left to float and washed ashore.

El buzo, Esteban Arrangoiz, Mexico 2015, 16′
Julio César Cú Cámara is the leader of Mexico City’s black water divers. His job is to repair the pumps and remove the waste that flows into the drains to allow the sewage to circulate.

Kuap, Nils Hedinger, Switzerland 2018, 8′
A tadpole fails to become a frog and is left alone. There is much to discover on the lake and spring is sure to return next year. A little story about growing up.

Always an independent and research festival, Corto e Fieno was born in 2010 from an idea of ​​the Asilo Bianco Association and is directed by Paola Fornara and Davide Vanotti. The thirteenth edition is scheduled in Ameno, Miasino and Omegna on Thursday 6, Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October, among cinemas, ancient barns and historic villas. It is the only film festival in Italy dedicated entirely to the world of the countryside, with screenings and meetings dedicated to cinema that looks at the land, its fruits and those who take care of it.

LunaDora is the full and broad participation of neighborhood residents, a new story of participation through the contribution of beauty and the spread of culture even after sunset. A corner of Aurora that appears in its totality and heterogeneity, where every individual and participating community can feel free to express themselves by offering their contribution with spontaneity and confidence. Its aim is to make tangible the image of a “safe place” of Lungo Dora Naples on the eastern side of the Domenico Carpanini bridge through the promotion of cultural, recreational and educational activities that favor the promotion of the area, with the participation of residents, families, children * and children * with the aim – in the long term – to strengthen the dimension of trust and the sense of belonging to the community.

LunaDora is a collaboration between APS Islands, Locanda sul Fiume, Porta Palazzo Community Foundation, Pigments Association and APS White Asylum. This is a project carried out in the context of ToNite, which is co-financed by the UIA – Urban Innovative Actions program within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund, with the contribution of the city of Turin.

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