Politics September 25, 2022: voters are intimidated by the neoliberal system

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It was the 1970s when the first official document indicating the new course of neoliberalism was published:The crisis of democracy. Report on the Governance of Democracies to the Tripartite Commission”. From here began the return of the liberal model, its philosophy, after thirty years of suffering, after 1945, the confirmation of the Keynesian model in economics, the “claims” and “claims” of social and labor rights that have matured around and after in 1968. Society changed and demanded greater social justice, equality, freedom for citizens.

This document (published in Italy with foreword by Gianni Agnelli) is cited as the cause of society’s problems”the transcendence of Democracy“. He established as essential those slogans that would form the basis of political debate in the coming decades: presidential (to limit the activity of parliamentary regimes), governance (less democratic processes, emptying the democratic Constitutions without amending them), internationalization of the political operation of government (loss of sovereignty of individual countries, as in the case of the EU), technocracy (technical governments to contain social demands and strengthen executives), global and financial capitalism free from obstacles.

Words become language, and thought, topical in universities, in political debates, on television, in newspapers. After almost 40 years, these ideological assumptions were imposed and enforced in Western democracies, and this is what we today classify as “neoliberalism“. A model that has nothing to do philosophically with the Democratic liberalism, as a progressive affirmation of individual freedoms and rights. It is this Liberalism, along with its principles Socialismfrom ChristianityofEquity participationto establish its underlying ideological structure Italian constitution.

It is no coincidence that we have faced its phenomenonabstention is increasing (on average about 50% in countries with a democratic tradition). Citizen (voter) dissatisfaction with politics has matured hand in hand with the progressive affirmation of neoliberalism in government discourse and action. This disconnect between his model Liberal-Socialist Democracy (how could he mean that Norberto Bobbio) and the reality of a system that actually reduces freedom, rights, equality, is the source of this feeling of frustration and distrust that has matured in the voter. Tired of broken promises, of solutions announced and never implemented, of growing social inequalities, of widespread precariousness, uncertainty about the future, insecurity in every aspect of daily life (from health, at home, at school, at work ), the citizen depicts from the “public” hiding in the “private”, abandoning that form of participation that was considered fundamental by the ancient Greeks, to make the Democracy active.

Today the political parties of the “system” carry out with impunity a job “business committees”, instead of proactive (and useful) topics to identify solutions for the advancement of the community. All embraced the logic of the neoliberal model (Atlantic, pro-European), sacrificing every ideal on its altar Market of Godand bowing to his blackmail Goddess Europe. Undisputed deities of the new pagan religion to whom the subjects must be devoted. The information system is in the hands of financial powers and political bosses: “free” journalists with “straight backs” are a rare species, to be protected, almost like Chinese pandas. Television overflows with artifacts of incomplete debates, where partisan intellectuals, supposed scientists, neoliberal economists, indoctrinate the public, sowing fear and insecurity. We talk about Public Debt, Health, Safety, Environment, the aim is always to instill in people the logic of TINA! (There is no alternative!): there is no alternative to what they propose. Be it vaccinations, war, public works, disagreeing with the official technocratic version is not allowed: otherwise you are classified as no-vax, pro-putin, no-tav, etc etc, in such a way that you are marginalized from the debate, marked as reprehensible , unreliable, unscientific and anti-social. Not infrequently he is accused of suffering from his syndrome NIMBY (Not In My Backyard): “Not in my garden!” the disease which, according to neoliberals, afflicts those who rebel against certain “public works” in the name of environmental and health protection.

A real act of intimidation, violent and brazen towards intimidated citizen-voters, has permeated our society. In the last two years we have had clear evidence of this. Give it to her vaccinations ruse of experimental sera passed as vaccines, in Ukraine war, the neoliberal system has shown all its oppressive and illiberal power against democracy and the peoples who inhabit it. While some fools try to re-propose the dynamic right left, fascism-anti-fascismas if it were the real political issue, neoliberalism (anti-democratic and truly fascist as a carrier of a single thought) acts undisturbed and standardizes our lives with the use of technology aimed at its interests. From citizens to subjects, more or less committed, the step is short, with what follows.

I can understand the discomfort of those who feel betrayed. but it happens to everyone in life to be betrayed by someone and disappointed: this does not mean that we give up on life, building, improvement and (why not!) sex…to persevere in exercising our sacred right to democratically vote for an alternative.

The fight is unequal, but if we do not escape the logic in which neoliberalism has locked us, the danger is really an internal war between the poor and the future poor. It always suits them…but us?

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