ambiente Events in Turin

On the occasion of its 17th edition Cimemambiente the Cortile del Maglio gathers to host Light to Environmentproject included in this year’s Festival program.

InsideLab, in collaboration with B52Communication, will host “eco-temporary”: the keywords are recycling, reuse, design and ecological sustainability. Its made in Italy design Rebel, the line of bags made by reusing car interior fabrics. Rebelt bags are made by hand and according to available material, thus always having a different look based on reclaimed belts and fabrics. The exhibition/market will be framed by the works of artists who are seemingly very distant from each other if we focus only on the stylistic code, but who embrace the design philosophy for different reasons. He will do the prices Massimo Sirelli who will present his robots, born from the union of everyday objects recovered and revitalized, such as a cookie and brown milk or old torches to the use of cameras. Aiming for a new life, Massimo started the Adopt a Robot project, the first Domestic robotic pet adoptions in the world. qhere they find a home Orphaned robots of industrial progress, consumerism, merchandising, retro computers and obsolete technology. Another robot, Ufo Robot, is instead the protagonist of his work Fabrizio FontanaZelig’s former top comedian. In the pop universe of some of his works, old egg surprises find a home. The Salento artist actually created a series of works using small toys, starting with Giganteschio inspired by Hirst’s work, with the difference of Kinder surprises instead of diamonds. Ivan Paradise, woodcarver and inlay artist, will instead present his Babel’s Tree, a tree that is the mouthpiece of a nature that tries to communicate with a language we may have forgotten forever. Finally an artist, Mario Gianmarinarowho for several years has made himself, through his works, the exponent of the cry of alarm of an increasingly exploited and sickened nature due to man and his “progress”.

The cultural club Agit Up came up with a green-tinged photography review instead: each participating shop will host a small personal exhibition of the photographers Daniela Bozzetto, Davide Carrari, Pierluigi Fresia, Ellie Kealey. The subject on which these authors, who are active in art and photojournalism, have worked is the relationship between man and nature seen through the lens, a photograph that lies between art and document, not strictly journalistic, but not exclusively conceptual either. Thanks to a narrative thread, the four photographers were able to combine the photographic ability to document and at the same time interpret human phenomena in their environment in an original way, but also places and situations where the human presence seems to disappear. Even the chosen set-up will be in line with the philosophy of the Festival: low environmental impact by limiting the transfer of photos via the internet, reducing materials to a minimum: transport, frames, packaging.

The result of the photographic exhibition will be the works created in the context of the project “Paper Dresses”, conducted by the Arcobaleno cooperative and the Zerboni Institute. Arcobaleno is the social inclusion cooperative that, on behalf of Amiat, collects paper in a hundred thousand yellow baskets scattered throughout the city, the Zerboni Institute has a fashion department that organizes workshops where paper clothes and jewelry are produced with recycled material: the meeting and The union of the two realities was important and was assigned to an environmental education course on the waste cycle aimed at children as well as a series of other actions culminating in the screening of the film ‘40% Free Hands of Destiny’ produced by Rainbow.

The paper thrown in the yellow bins, collected by the Arcobaleno workers, revisited by the knowledge of the students and professors of the Zerboni Institute, finds a new life and arrives at the Cinemambiente Festival, one of the cultural events that make its history the city to say about itself and how we would like the city to develop.

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