HPE opens a new factory in the Czech Republic

HPE continues to grow significantly in Europe through the opening of a new facility capable of supporting the development of the supercomputer sector in Europe, producing state-of-the-art high-performance computing systems and large-scale artificial intelligence systems.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announces continued commitment to Europe by building its first plant in the region for next-generation high-performance computer systems (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate customer delivery and enhance its supplier ecosystem European area. The new site will produce industry-leading HPE systems – customized solutions to advance scientific research, develop AL / ML initiatives and enhance innovation.

The HPE plant, which will be the fourth of HPE’s global HPC plants, will be located in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, next to existing HPE headquarters in Europe, for the production of server and storage solutions market template. Activities will begin in June 2022.

“As European organizations embrace next-generation supercomputers, they are gaining a solid foothold in the opportunities offered by exponential data development – accelerating scientific breakthroughs, enhancing digital dominance and unlocking innovations to add value. economic, “he said. Justin Hotard, Executive Vice President and CEO, HPC and AI, at HPE. “HPE is committed to continuing to support Europe in this endeavor and our new HPC plant in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic is another significant investment, among our other R & D initiatives in Europe. “We are now able to build the industry’s leading supercomputers, HPCs and artificial intelligence systems, while increasing the supply chain viability and resilience.”

HPE Commits to Promoting European Leadership in Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence to Speed ​​Up Time to Knowledge

HPE holds a large market for HPC and artificial intelligence in Europe, focused on promoting national time-saving initiatives in complex scientific research – critical to solving complex global problems, such as forecasting and preparing for extreme weather events, forecasting and treat disease or improve food safety and viability. Access to next-generation technologies, based on data that reveal invaluable knowledge and capabilities for the development of artificial intelligence, is also imperative for Europe to achieve digital dominance.

HPE has strong partnerships in Europe, including with the European Joint Undertaking HPC (EuroHPC JU), an initiative between the EU, European countries and industry technology partners to coordinate and pool their resources and develop pre- exscale and supercomputers. class in Europe. Through EuroHPC JU, HPE has already designed and built the LUMI supercomputer for the CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland, considered a “pre-exascale” supercomputer – which is expected to reach 550 petaflops, equivalent to just over half exaflop – and the Karolina supercomputer for IT4Innovations in the Czech Republic.

In addition, HPE is committed to supporting local European HPC and AI initiatives and has invested in research and development projects, such as the Center of Excellence in Grenoble, France, which is open to a wider community of scientists. researchers and engineers to test and create next generation solutions. HPE is further involved in supporting the French AI for Humanity program, announced in March 2018 by French President Emmanuel Macron, to promote industries through Artificial Intelligence, stimulating economic growth. In support of this mission, HPE has expanded its artificial intelligence partnerships in France with the upcoming Adastra supercomputer for GENCI-CINES, the Jean Zay supercomputer for GENCI and a supercomputer for the Maison de l’Intelligence Artificielle.

These ongoing developments are pushing European organizations to benefit from the exponential growth of data by improving their ability to create value from it, exploit huge distributed data pools and strengthen their dominance in a model based on them.

European customers will have a local website for HPC and AI solutions to support any data request

The new site will build and launch two major product lines, HPE Apollo Systems, ideal for demanding HPC and AI applications, artificial intelligence modeling and training, and HPE Cray EX supercomputers, designed to support the next generation of high-tech supercomputers. offer unprecedented performance and meet the challenges of the world’s scientific and artificial intelligence.

Each of the two product lines offers HPC and end-to-end artificial intelligence capabilities that cover the capabilities of computers, accelerators, software, networking, storage and cooling.

The plant is also designed to meet the specific production requirements of HPE liquid-cooled HPC and AI systems – ideal cooling options for high-intensity performance systems. To support this feature, the factory has a reinforced floor to support the weight of the HPE Cray EX supercomputers, which can reach 3,628 kg per cabinet and includes a hydraulic circuit between the supercomputers and the roof of the building to reduce the temperature. . of circulating water.

HPE continues the reliable cooperation with Foxconn to support the activities of the new plant

Foxconn, a longtime HPE manufacturing partner, will support the creation and delivery of the site’s products to fulfill orders from HPE customers in Europe, as it currently does for HPE headquarters in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. .

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