Transfer payment to your account? Here are the free ways to send money

The land claim is something that is used very often within a month: from paying the rent to TARI, there are many expenses that can not be postponed and have a periodic frequency.

There are two different types of bank transfers:

  • the traditional, used to go to the bank and therefore to pay to make a transfer;
  • he a little more open to modernity, who has realized that there is possibility make a transfer without payment: it is called an online current account.

In the following lines we will analyze some of the best online account offers that you can sign up for today and that allow you to do not pay the shipping costor (and to access, at the same time, many other advantages).

Find out what free transfer accounts are

Current accounts with free transfer: ranking

An online checking account offers a number of benefits in terms of cost and convenience compared to a traditional account: it can be complete remote managementwithout having to go to the bank counter.

In addition, very often, they provide free of charge:

  • of the monthly fee;
  • stamp duty;
  • of bank transfers, in fact.

Between best current accountsIf you want to check, there are online accounts:

  1. BBVA;
  2. UniCredit;
  3. Widiba;
  4. Credit Agricole;
  5. Mediolanum.

Let’s see below what their features are and why to choose them, as well as for the free internet transfer.

Compare the best online current accounts at no cost

1. Online BBVA Account

BBVA Credit Institution offers a free current account featuring:

  • the absence of payment of the stamp duty;
  • The free electronic bank transfers;
  • free instant credit transfers throughout the SEPA region.
  • Free withdrawals at ATMs of other credit institutions.

One of the main advantages of this 100% online current account with Italian IBAN is the ability to earn from your purchases, thanks to the 10% refund. By activating this current account you will also receive (free of charge) a physical debit card associated with the account, but you can also choose to use it digitally.

Choose an online checking account and save on transfer costs

2. UniCredit electronic current account

UniCredit’s online current account is called My Genius. What is so special about it? In practice, if you register by May 31, 2022, you will have the right to:

  • at the zero end;
  • in the free transfers SEPA;
  • in free internet transfers.

As it is an online account, it can be managed directly from a distance, therefore from a computer or mobile phone, using the exclusive application. After activating the account, you will receive the MyOne international debit card, which belongs to the VISA circuit, which can be used for online and live shopping. Usually there is a shipping cost of 3.50 euros + a shipping cost of 3.50 euros, which will be canceled in full.

3. Widiba online current account

Widiba is an internet bank only, so it has no physical branches. Allows you to open an online checking account with:

  • Debit card and certified e-mail included.
  • free electronic bank transfers;
  • free online withdrawals over 100 euros.

You can have this account free of charge for the first 12 months, but certain conditions must be met. Specifically:

  • for activations until June 15, 2022, the account will be free for the first 6 months.
  • Next, you need to activate the free debit card associated with the account and make 3 payments of any amount within 60 days of opening the account. This way, you can benefit from another 6 months at no cost.

4. Online current account Crédit Agricole

The online current account of Crédit Agricole, with which it is possible make free bank transfersis a zero-bill account, which can be managed with complete autonomy, from a computer and an exclusive application.

It is also free:

  • the head office of the bank of household accounts and the various types of utility services;
  • sending the invoice and the periodic summary document electronically, while 85 cents are expected for the form.

The account also has an associated account free debit cardwhich will be delivered directly to the home and which can be used for both payment and withdrawal.

5. Mediolanum online current account

Banca Mediolanum’s online checking account is called SelfyConto. Among the reasons to choose it are not only free electronic bank transfersbut also functions such as utility pricing, payment F23, F24, MAV, RAV, telephone renewals.

The account provides free subscription for under 30s and for the first year in case of subscription from other customers. You will receive a free debit card, with which you can withdraw free of charge throughout the euro area, with no transaction restrictions.

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