Journey to the bee kingdom for World Bee Day – Escape

REGGIO EMILIA – “World Bee Day” is celebrated on May 20, organized by the United Nations to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting environmental champions, precious insects that provide food, biodiversity and honey. By flying over flowers, bees guarantee about 75 percent of world food production and the future of the planet. However, their balance is in jeopardy, as it is threatened by a number of causes: intensive agriculture, pesticides, climate change, disease and biodiversity loss. To pay tribute to World Bee Day, we take a trip to some of the Italian companies that allow you to learn more about the world of bees, experience how beekeeping is practiced and understand how fundamental it is to our existence and the planet . participation in engaging experiences. .
In the heart of Emilia, the Casa Pietra organic farm is the bee kingdom: immersed in the hills of Salsomaggiore Terme near Castello di Tabiano, you discover how insects live, you can try different types of honey – acacia, chestnut and lime – and learn to recognize propolis and royal jelly. Guided tasting and beekeeping lessons can be found at: Near Borgonovo Val Tidone, in the province of Piacenza, hives inhabited by bees, drones and queens are waiting to be explored in the Il Fucoror countryside. It is an exciting experience to live in the small b & b and rediscover contact with the nature of Val Tidone.
Located on the Strada della Biodiversity, a circular path that crosses Modolena Park, 10 minutes from the center of Reggio Emilia, Api Libera Farm is an outdoor bee school for young and old. You can engage in fun educational activities and “adopt a bee”, discovering how it works during guided tours. The company produces organic honey and organizes educational ecological projects. is easily accessible on foot, by bike, on horseback or in the company of special environmental guides along the Biodiversity Road that connects various farms and accommodation where you can eat, sleep and buy local produce. For more information: The bees of the Podere La Fattoria di Canonica dei Ricci hotels fly into a sea of ​​sunflowers, country flowers, age-old olives and native Sangiovese and Trebbiano vineyards, a short distance from the beaches of Cesenatico. The late nineteenth-century farmhouse, overlooking the hills of San Marino and San Leo, is the ideal place to take part in educational trips – even for children – between the colored hives, the scents of honey, oil and of wine. From this farm there are paths that you have to cross on foot and by bike to get to the inland of Romagna, between villages and hills. Podere La Fattoria is located 13 km from the historic Rubicon River and close to Santarcangelo di Romagna. It is here that bees work to support the cultivation and development of genuine products that reach the tables of the Ricci Hotel in Cesenatico. Info: In Molise, one of the areas with the highest biodiversity in Italy, there is the community apiary Castel del Giudice, a village on the border with Abruzzo, which invites you to discover the secrets of the world of bees and organizes experiential visits between the colored cells. Guided by beekeepers and protected by masks and gloves, visitors practice beekeeping: exploring how bees collect nectar and pollen, build honeycombs and care for the queen bee. in summer it is also possible to experiment with honey mining activities. The insects of the Castel del Giudice community apiary favor the pollination of Melise organic apple orchards, born from abandoned land, and sustainable agricultural crops in forests and mountains. The apiary’s wildflower honey is also the protagonist of the mornings at the popular Borgotufi Hotel, which reopens on July 1st. info: On the Bee Trail in Rodengo, South Tyrol, honeycomb-shaped wooden slabs indicate the way to go, 6 and a half kilometers, at the Romantik Hotel Stafler in Vipiteno.
Here, among the mountain farms and enchanting landscapes of Val Pusteria and Valle Isarco, you can get up close and personal with the world of beekeeping, insects and honey. The route is also ideal for families with children and starts at the information desk in Villa, ending at Spissa and through the Astner-Leite forest overlooking Castel Rodengo, which is also accessible. Until September you can take part in guided tours with a beekeeper and, after exploring colored hives, you can relax in the Romantik Hotel Stafler wellness center, where honey becomes a valuable ingredient in a detox honey massage that melts and eliminates toxins. from the body. Information: (ANSA).

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