Stimulus Update Update: Americans in Two States to Receive Money Next Month

Another round of incentive checks is aimed at Americans in some states who have approved additional COVID assistance amid discussions about a possible fourth payment from the federal government.

People in Maine and New Mexico could see another scrutiny as early as June, thanks to lawmakers in those states who successfully passed more financial assistance to residents. The bill follows a similar move last week in Alaska, where the state Senate approved a spending package that includes $ 5,500 in cash payments for Alaska residents.

With inflation at its highest level in four decades, some state governors and other lawmakers have pushed for new incentives or pay cuts in a bid to cut economic costs for Americans. California, Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas, Hawaii and Pennsylvania also have stimulus proposals under consideration.

Check below to see if you qualify for next month’s checks:


An estimated 858,000 people across the state will receive $ 850 in relief checks to help mitigate price hikes caused by “pandemic inflation,” according to Governor Janet Mills’s website.

People in Maine and New Mexico could see another incentive check as early as June, thanks to lawmakers in those states who successfully passed more financial assistance to residents. Above, the stimulus checks are being prepared for printing at the Philadelphia Financial Center on May 8, 2008 in Philadelphia.
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To be eligible, individuals must file their tax return by Oct. 31 as a full-time Maine resident. However, they cannot be claimed as dependents and must have a Federal Adjusted Gross Income (FAGI) of less than:

  • $ 100,000 for those who are presented as single (or if they are married and presented separately)
  • $ 150,000 for those presented as feeders
  • $ 200,000 for couples who deposit together

Maine residents can still receive these checks after June, although the first round of payments will be posted as early as next month.

“To get these funds into the hands of Mainers as soon as possible, the first round of relief checks will be mailed in June 2022 and delivered on an ongoing basis by the end of the year, once refunds are received,” Mills said. “, Said the office.

Some people may be entitled to an additional $ 1,400 in tax relief under the Homestead Exemption Program.

The $ 850 relief checks are estimated to pay back $ 729.3 million to taxpayers.

New Mexico

The state legislature approved the tax cuts that will come in the summer, with the first payments scheduled for next month.

The stimulus measures will provide a $ 500 refundable income tax deduction for singles and married couples filing separately and $ 1,000 for joint candidates, heads of households and surviving spouses, according to the state tax and revenue website. Individual users will receive equal payouts of $ 250 in June and August, while joint entries will receive $ 500 each month.

In addition, a $ 500 refundable income tax deduction will be issued in New Mexico to married couples who submit joint applications, heads of households and surviving spouses with an income of less than $ 150,000. Single couples who file separately for less than $ 75,000 will receive $ 250.

No question required, as the discounts will be automatically sent to the taxpayers who have submitted the 2021 return by May 31st.

“This summer we will return hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to families across New Mexico, protecting their wages and helping them cope with rising gas, food and other household expenses,” said Governor Michel Luzan. Grisham.

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